snack man

A New Hero: Snack Man Breaks Up Fight On NYC Subway

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom Snack Man! An argument on a NYC subway was about to turn ugly but thanks to the passive intervention of snack man no one was seriously harmed.

The incident apparently started after a man followed a woman onto the subway. The Youtube user who uploaded the video writes:

“Heading uptown on the 6 train, this woman sits down next to me. Then all of a sudden she jumps up and starts wailing this guy in the face. In complete disbelief I fumble for my phone and capture this…”

The woman strikes the man. The man kicks the woman. And just before things get really ugly Snack Man swoops in to save the day. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t make eye contact with either person. He just casually eats his snack (Orange slices? Fritos? Pringles?) and waits for the situation to diffuse.

What do you think of Snack Man? Is this the best way to break up a fight? He doesn’t take sides and doesn’t get involved. He simply places an obstacle (himself) in between the two people. Looks like it’s pretty effective.

Here’s the video of Snack Man.