‘Mistresses’ Spoilers: How Is Savi’s Exit Really Handled Without Alyssa Milano?

Mistresses will return to ABC tomorrow night with the Season 3 premiere without Alyssa Milano. She decided to leave the series after Season 2 wrapped because of the decision to move production of the series to Vancouver from Los Angeles. The actress was not willing to move her family, so she made the difficult decision to leave the hit summer series ahead of Season 3.

Milano will not even appear in the premiere episode of Season 3 to exit her character. However, previous spoilers shared by Inquisitr revealed that Savi will be a focus of the Mistresses Season 3 premiere.

Rina Mimoun shared more with TV Guide about Savi’s presence during the first two hours of Season 3.

“The ripple effects of her actions [are] what the first two hours are really about and how it affects all of our women, mostly Joss [Jes Macallan], but also Karen [Yunjin Kim]. It’s kind of the point of the first two hours. So for everyone who was worried we would run away from the Savi of it all, we’re definitely not. She’s part of our show and part of our fabric.”

Without the appearance of Alyssa Milano during the episode, how does Mistresses handle her exit? An advanced preview of the two-hour premiere released by Spoiler TV shared details about the exit of Savi. If you do not want to be spoiled about the exact way Savi exits, do not continue reading.

“You hear her voice and you see a photo, but that’s all the Savi you’ll see. She is featured heavily in the premiere though. It starts exactly where season two left off with Joss and Harry on the beach. Joss gets pulled away from her rendezvous when someone gets put in hospital from the wedding venue. Savi being missing isn’t something the girls worry about at first until the three of them get together and Joss receives a very ugly text from Savi when Savi finally replies to her. I did like the intensity of the whole Savi situation as Joss really goes into panic mode, including running after a car she thinks Savi is in. Alas, Savi has cleared house and she isn’t coming back.”

What do you think of this exit? Was it a proper farewell for Savi? Her character was the center of the summer drama, and her exit will have an impact. Fans will definitely need to keep tuning in to find out if Mistresses can survive without Alyssa Milano.

What do you think? Will you tune in without Milano’s presence?

[Photo: ABC]