Zayn Malik Update: Reality Show Star Talks Encounter With Former 1D Member

Lauren Richardson, a confirmed contestant on the upcoming reality series Love Island, recently opened up on her encounter with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. The two met earlier this year when One Direction performed in Thailand.

Richardson, 26, made headlines earlier this year in March when she was spotted with Malik at a nightclub after a One Direction concert. The photos of the two went viral, reportedly prompting Malik to leave the country. Not long after, he announced he would not be returning to One Direction.

Richardson, a community sports officer, explains that meeting Malik wasn’t anything serious aside from two people hanging out. In fact, the reason she joined the cast of Love Island is to find a new love, which apparently is not, and never was, Malik.

“I met Zayn Malik in a nightclub in Thailand. It got blown out of all proportion. But that’s a long story.”

Zayn Malik

Since the encounter, however, numerous rumors have surfaced that Richardson is using her one-time meeting with Malik to promote herself into superstardom. The 26-year-old East London native states that nothing could be further from the truth.

“I’m a down to earth girl. There’s no hiding behind anything. I have natural hair, natural make up. There’s no pretending I’m someone else. I’m also quite mischievous and I like to play pranks on people.”

Zayn Malik

Regardless, it seems as if the photos taken of Richardson with Malik will forever remain etched in many fans’ minds. Shortly after one of the photos appeared on Twitter, a frenzied One Direction fan threatened to “shank” Richardson. Other fans followed suit, threatening the new reality show contestant with violence.


Richardson, however, is hoping that the new reality series, slated to air this summer, will put focus on her quest to find a new love, which doesn’t include any member of One Direction. She says she’s looking for a humorous guy that likes to stay physically fit.

“They’ve got to look after themselves like I do, and go down to the gym. I don’t want a wet fish either. You’ve got to make me laugh and have a silly sense of humour. The sillier, the better. If he can make me laugh, I’ll be eating out of the palm of his hand.”

However, rumor is that Richardson will talk about the “long story” involving Malik on one of the upcoming episodes of Love Island.

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik, who Simon Cowell recently confirmed will not be replaced in One Direction, appears to be happy with his fiancee Perrie Edwards, a member of the British girl band Little Mix. He hasn’t commented on the upcoming reality show, yet he did indicate earlier this year that the photos taken of him and Richardson were not what they “looked like.”

[Photos Courtesy Karwai Tang/WireImage & Twitter]