Jimenez Fortes

Jimenez Fortes Gored By Bull: Graphic Video Shows Moment Bullfighter Was Gravely Injured

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video of Jimenez Fortes Gored may be disturbing to some readers.

Spanish bullfighter, Jimenez Fortes is recovering after a near-death experience Thursday in Madrid, Spain. The popular matador suffered grave injuries after being gored by a bull at the San Isidro Bullfight Festival (Feria de San Isidro). The bloody scene was captured on tape, citing a Daily Mail news report.

The shocking video shows Fortes taking a horn to his abdominal area and thrown to the ground. He was then attacked by the angry bull and dragged across the stadium floor. Suddenly, as it tramples the man, the bull hooks one of his horns into the bullfighter’s neck.

After being gored, Jimenez Fortes grabs his neck which is covered in blood. The terrified look on his face spoke volumes. At the same time, it showed the man’s sense of calm. Ringside crew rushed to his side and made gallant attempts to usher the bull away from the injured man.

Fortes managed to walk for a short distance before being carried away by at least four men. He was then rushed to Las Ventas Hospital. There, his prognosis was listed as grave upon arrival.

Sources say the incident marked the second time since last year that Spanish matador was gored by a bull at the yearly festival. Although there is rising pressure to make the sport illegal, fighting bulls in the ring doesn’t appear to be on the brink of a ban. Still, some believe more safety practices should be put in place. A doctor weighed in on the man’s injuries.

“Everything is going well, he has no fever, nor has he signs of internal bleeding.”

After being gored a second time, it’s unknown if Jimenez Fortes will return to the ring.

[Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images]