Woman escapes from exploding car after lighting a cigarette

Woman’s Car Explodes After She Lights Cigarette

While driving down the road, a woman lit up a cigarette and her car exploded, the Mirror reported. Apparently, the woman had a leaking gasoline tank in the vehicle that immediately sparked the explosion after she lit her cigarette. She immediately stopped the car and escaped from it, appearing to be unharmed.

“A woman’s car catches fire in shocking footage after she lit a cigarette while driving. It’s thought that the incident, which happened in the town of Velikiye Luki in Pskov Oblast in West Russia, occurred when the driver had a leaking gas canister in the vehicle,” the Mirror reported, “When she went to light her cigarette, the naked flame ignited the gas and caused a massive flame that engulfed the vehicle.”

The driver of the green Citroen Xsara car was filmed by someone driving behind her and caught the action on video, including the explosion and the driver fleeing from the exploding car. After flames appear from the windows of the car, the driver stops and runs from the car as it get engulfed in flames in seconds after the driver gets out.

“The driver in the car behind rushes to help her, as the fire continues to ravage the green Citroen, orange flames climbing higher and black smoke billowing from the interior of the car,” the Mirror reports, “Traffic continues to pass on the left side of the road, but the driver filming the incident gets into his vehicle and reverses a safe distance away from the fire.”

The Malaysian Digest reported the story, with the headline “When smoking can really kill you instantly.” It has long been reported there are many dangers associated with cigarette smoking, but exploding cars have not been commonly reported as one of them.

“A dashcam video mounted on a car recorded a harrowing escape by a woman fleeing a car moments before it burst into flames. The cause of the fire? The woman has decided to light up a cigarette with a leaking gas canister inside her car,” the Malaysian Digest reported, “In the video posted on LiveLeak.com, the dashcam of the car behind first caught a sudden flash of flames before the driver ahead suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and made a swift exit as flames shoot out from the door and bonnet.”

In some instances, denying someone’s request for a cigarette might be as dangerous as lighting up a cigarette. The Inquisitr reported about an incident in which a man pumping gas as was asked by a woman for a cigarette, and when he refused to give her one, she tried to light him, his car, and the gas pump on fire.

“A women sets a gas pump on fire at a Jerusalem gas station after a man pumping gas into his car refused to give her a cigarette, NBC News reported last night. After being refused a cigarette, the woman lit the pump on fire with a lighter. Police report that no one sustained any injuries due to the incident,” the Inquisitr reported.

Cigarettes don’t usually cause cars to explode, but it is known they are rather unhealthy. That would even be more true if lighting one causes an explosion, or refusing to give someone a cigarette leads to an explosion.

[Photo of exploding car from video taken by driver behind the exploding car.]