Constantine Season Two: Was CW Move Merely A Rumor? CW Head Responds

‘Constantine’ Season Two: Was CW Move Merely A Rumor? CW Head Responds

Constantine, and his fans, seem to be on a truly emotional roller coaster. From its rough start, to losing its final nine episodes, waiting in limbo, striking out at NBC, and again sitting in the waiting room. The Inquisitr reported that a glimmer of hope was on the horizon, and that several big players endorsed or suggest that CW would be the new home of DC/Vertigo Comics occult detective and demonologist John Constantine, as Warner Bros. has been shopping the show around.

Daniel Cerone, Constantine producer and status updater, said they were “in talks” and to keep an eye out for the CW Upfronts. Sadly, according to TV Series Finale, CW president Mark Pedowitz might have just announced the decision on the CW move.

“At the moment, it’s just a rumor. There’s also a rumor going around that I was going to play for the NBA.”

Pedowitz laughed off the suggestion as a rumor, during a Q & A, after CW announced their 2015-2016 TV season.

Forbes reported that the 2015 upfronts were released, and there is no new shows debuting for this year, though there were two cancellations. CW’s Hart of Dixie and The Messengers were both given the axe. The latter of the two was strongly predicted to go, and the former had its own campaign to keep it on the CW.

In the 2016 TV schedule for CW, only three new shows will be debuting, and two of those three shows are CW spin-offs. So, as Forbes explains it, CW has no reason to take a gamble on Constantine.

However, with so many people supporting it, like CW’s Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, and Marc Guggenheim, it somehow does not seem impossible. Despite the largess and teasing of Legends of Tomorrow from the CW network, it is still not coming out until next year. Shortly after the news from Pedowitz, Cerone tweeted a disheartening message that is no longer on his Twitter page.

“Despite ongoing talks I’m told things are not looking up for #Constantine at CW. Don’t have details. Feeling wrecked about it. #Hellblazers”

Though the above tweet was apparently deleted, Cerone later took to Twitter to write a similar message with a touch more optimism and appreciation of the #SaveConstantine fans.

“Tough morning. Feeling your disappointment. Touched by the continued enthusiasm. #Constantine #SaveConstantine #Hellblazers”

Though, Constantine fans have no word on where their show is going, the CW move seems to be an unlikely move.

However, the CW prez did say “at this time,” but never said it is not happening. Either way, reports indicate, a decision will be made in June. One way or the other, Constantine fans have a month or less to see where John Constantine is heading.

That is, unless every network passes. Hope springs eternal, but there is also no shame in not giving up on something you care about.

[Image via Creative Commons/NBC]