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‘Teen Mom 2’ Twitter Update: Jeremy Calvert Goes Into Hiding, Learns From Past Mistakes?

The Teen Mom 2 Twitter account belonging to Jeremy Calvert is once again offline. Following allegations of an affair, which began on Twitter, the husband of Leah Messer has reportedly gone into hiding, and Radar Online suspected on May 14 that he’s finally learned his lesson.

As the site noted, the Teen Mom 2 Twitter page was removed from social media just days after news of his alleged affair with brunette tattoo model Melissa Marie hit the web.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Teen Mom 2 Twitter account of Calvert has been getting him into trouble a lot in recent months, especially after he reportedly met and had sex with Marie after meeting her through Twitter. Late last year, it was alleged Calvert had inappropriate conversations with Brittany Musick after meeting her on Twitter, and months later, news hit the web, claiming Calvert took things with Marie one step further. According to Radar Online, Calvert first communicated with Marie using his Teen Mom 2 Twitter account. Then they began texting, and in November of last year, they met at a hotel in Columbus, Ohio, where Calvert had been working.

“They definitely had sex. Jeremy told Melissa he was falling for her. He wasn’t trying to keep it a secret. They were out in public and he didn’t try to hide her.”

The two even made plans to celebrate Christmas together, but then Marie discovered Calvert had also been reportedly using his Teen Mom 2 Twitter account to communicate with Brittany Musick in hopes of meeting her, as well.

“Melissa realized he was texting Brittany while they were together in Ohio. She could see that she was just a hookup to him. She thinks he’s a d—–bag. Fame has gone to his head!”

Prior to deleting the Teen Mom 2 Twitter account, Calvert posted a Big Sean message, via Mstarz, reportedly dissing his wife Messer, whom he claims cheated on him weeks before his alleged hookup with Marie.

“I don’t f— with you// You little stupid a– b—h, I ain’t f—in’ with you// You little dumb ass b—h, I ain’t f—in’ with you// I got a million trillion things I’d rather f—in’ do// Than to be f—in’ with you// Little stupid a–, I don’t give a f—// I don’t give a f—.”

The Teen Mom 2 Twitter account of Messer is still active, but the reality star hasn’t been sharing much with fans as of late.

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