Is Angelika Graswald The New Jodi Arias?

Angelika Graswald has confessed to killing her fiance in what was initially thought to be a freak kayaking accident. Now she claims that she purposely tampered with the man’s kayak, knowing that he was going to die. ABC News reports the woman declared that she’s glad the man is dead, but her attorney worries that a language barrier may be doing her image more harm than good. Is this accused killer the next Jodi Arias, or did she kill her fiance to escape a desperate situation?

The body of Vincent Viafore still hasn’t been found, after he presumably died approximately 50 miles away from New York City. His kayak reportedly capsized in the rough, treacherous water near Bannerman Island on the evening of April 19 of this year. It’s been nearly a month, and even though his body still hasn’t been found, his fiance has confessed to doing away with him in order to get out of their relationship. The 35-year-old woman has been indicted on a single charge of second-degree murder.

Angelika Graswald reportedly “felt trapped” in her relationship with the 46-year-old, which is why she allegedly orchestrated his tragic death. However, it’s being reported that she had a life insurance policy out on the man in the amount of around $250k. Defense attorney Richard Portale says that he isn’t sure if the confession made by Graswald was legitimate and has insinuated that it was either coerced or involuntarily obtained through some means. If her confession is a false confession, this could prove troubling for the case against her.

Angelika was arrested two weeks ago after her story started to fall apart at the seams. The statements of various witnesses to the ordeal also helped in securing the woman’s arrest. Witnesses reportedly saw her purposely capsizing her own boat. She was also witnessed waiting as long as 20 minutes to call 911 after watching her fiance fight for his life in the tragic capsizing. The New York Times reports that she was arrested while laying flowers in tribute to his death at the very spot where the tragedy took place.

Just like Jodi Arias, Angelika Graswald allegedly lied and concocted a story to take attention off of herself. And just like Jodi Arias, Graswald has reportedly confessed to the crime under the pressure of learning that police investigators have closed in on her. Now she has been quoted as saying that she is happy that her alleged victim is dead. Will this case become the next big televised court spectacle like Jodi’s?

[Photo: New York State Police mugshot]