Vincent Price Jones Cattle Prod

Vincent Price Jones’ Cattle Prod Arrest: Dad Uses Livestock Shocker To Scare Daughter’s BF

A Washington State man is behind bars and facing charges for allegedly using a livestock shocking device to assault another man who dated his daughter, according to a Bellingham Herald news report.

Police say Vincent Price Jones, 52, used a cattle prod on Norman Gerstner, 38, while he slept on a friend’s couch a month ago. Authorities say Jones illegally entered a home in the 1100 block of East Illinois Street on March 24.

The man, who stands at six-foot-four and weighs approximately 230 pounds, poked the man’s chest with the electric cattle prod, according to Bellingham Police Lt. Bob Vander Yacht, which caused the man “extreme pain.”

The assault on the man left visible marks, but Jones’ rampage didn’t end there. The man then armed himself with a six-inch knife that was on a nearby table and brandished it in the air.

Investigators say he then threatened anyone in the home with harm if they notified cops, who arrived a short time later, but could not locate the man with the cattle prod. A month later, Gerstner saw Vincent Price Jones entering an eatery. He then called police to report his whereabouts. Officers arrived and took the man into custody.

Lt. Vander Yacht believes Vincent Price Jones became irate when he learned Gerstner was dating his 25-year-old daughter. It’s well-known among Jones’ friends that he did not approve of the relationship. Evidently, he verbalized threats to sever a part of the man’s body.

The device used to harm the man’s boyfriend is a shaped like a rod and uses compression technology to transmit voltage. Essentially, it’s similar to a stun gun and often is used in prodding cattle to encourage them to move along during roundups. Many activist groups have called the use of cattle prods animal cruelty.

For his alleged role in the cattle prod assault, Vincent Price Jones faces a litany of charges: felony harassment, first-degree robbery, burglary, and second-degree assault. At this time, the suspect, who has no known criminal past, has been released from the Whatcom County jailhouse. His bail was set at $50,000. It’s unclear when a court appearance — if any — is scheduled.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]