Overprotective dog

Woman Bitten On Breast By Overprotective Dog When Picking Up Baby

A Nigerian woman visited her friend recently and on arrival at the home, picked up the friend’s baby. Little did she know that the woman’s overprotective dog would object, as the animal jumped up at her, biting her on her breast.

According to police in the Lagos state of Nigeria, Helen Asiquo suffered bite wounds on her breast after trying to pick up the baby.

When Asiquo arrived at her friend’s home on Kirikiri Road, the baby was crawling on the floor on the terrace outside the front door, while the mother was inside the home.

As Asiquo bent down and picked up the child to give him a cuddle, the overprotective dog burst from the front door, instantly jumping up and attacking her. The dog, Whiskey belongs to the baby’s mother, Mary Alaegbu, and as the dog attacked the baby fell from Asiquo’s arms on to the terrace floor.

According to Leadership Nigeria, Emmanuel, one of the neighbors in the area spoke to the local police, explaining that Whiskey is an overprotective dog who does not let strangers get anywhere near the baby.

“The stranger did not know that the dog does not allow strangers to touch the baby. When she came the baby’s mother was inside their apartment. Before she would come out of the room the dog had given her friend a real shock. The dog bit her in the breast.”

Pulse Nigeria initially quoted the overprotective dog as being rabid, but this has since been cleared up. Fortunately for Asiquo, the dog was tested for rabies and received the all-clear, as told by the neighbor.

“Although they have taken care of anti-rabies treatment so the victim is safe from rabies. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.”

Asiquo herself was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and was soon released. The baby fortunately suffered no injuries in the incident. No doubt, Whiskey will continue to be an overprotective dog, looking out for his owner’s child.

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[Image: Vicious looking dog CC BY 2.0 State Farm]