Images That One UFO Specialist Says Prove ‘Beyond Any Doubt’ Aliens Exist, Astronaut Agrees [Video]

Roswell conspiracy theorists and UFO specialists claim to have uncovered photo evidence that aliens exists “beyond any doubt.” The photos, which were supposedly found inside an attic in Arizona, contained two images of what at least one UFO specialist says is proof that the human race has been visited by alien beings.

According to the Daily Mail, the box contained the two images of the Roswell “alien” along with photos of Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, and Dwight Eisenhower from before his term as president. The fact that the images were lying with other undeniably authentic photos is being used as “proof” they are real. Jaime Maussan, a prominent Mexican UFO researcher, notes that the images are of something “undeniably” non-human.

“(These photos) show the human race, beyond any doubt, that extra-terrestrial visits are a reality. That is why the presentation of two slides, two transparencies, where a being with non-human features can be seen, is very important. These photos were dated by experts during a period, where the model of the archetype extraterrestrial we know today did not exist.”

Maussan points out that the photos, which show a typical extraterrestrial body-type by today’s standards, were taken before an archetype of an alien existed. Maussan notes that the image was taken prior to any sketches of the Roswell aliens being released.

The images were unveiled in front of 10,000 people after the researchers say they spent five years studying the images to determine their authenticity. It is important to note that during the big unveil, attendees paid $350 to be some of the first to see the new “alien evidence.” Some were impressed with the findings, including the sixth man to land on the moon, American astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Mitchell says he feels the images are authentic.

However, not everyone is in agreement. Many feel the photos are “authentic,” just not authentically extraterrestrial. It was pointed out that the images strongly resemble those of child mummies. Therefore, it is likely that the images are authentic, but taken at an exhibit that featured a child mummy.

What do you think? Are the images proof “beyond any doubt” that we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings? Or is it a misidentified mummy mistake?

[Image Credit: Twitter]