Val Chmerkovskiy Says DWTS Is Exploiting Him

Val Chmerkovskiy Complains About ‘DWTS’ Sexual Exploitation [Video]

Val Chmerkovskiy thinks that Dancing with the Stars is sexually exploiting a few of its stars, but it’s not the women’s skimpy costumes that he has a problem with.

TMZ recently shared a video of Rumer Willis getting a bit hot and bothered by the idea of dancing with a shirtless Val Chmerkovskiy and Artem Chigvintsev. Val responded to his partner’s drooling by informing her about “meninism” and complaining about how Dancing with the Stars sexually exploits its male dancers. Apparently, it’s not easy having beautiful abs.

“I feel like Artem and I get exploited on the show sexually on a consistent basis and I’m kind of tired of that, to be honest.” Val says in the video below. He then tells Rumer Willis that Artem is “a lot more than pecs and handsome looks” before getting handsy with his fellow dancer.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Val Chmerkovskiy and Rumer Willis are training with Artem Chigvintsev because he’ll be a part of their trio dance this week. Monday is also America’s Choice Night, meaning that Dancing with the Stars viewers got to choose the song Rumer and Val will be dancing to. They’ll perform a Rumba to “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.” Viewers also had a say in the couple’s wardrobe, so Val will have to choose between making fans happy by taking it off and continuing with his crusade to put an end to shirtless-ness on DWTS.

Judging from his past behavior, Val Chmerkovskiy will probably relent and lose his shirt — he knows that his six pack makes his fans swoon, and he’s hardly a shy guy. During last week’s Dancing with the Stars 10th anniversary special, he wore what was likely the show’s skimpiest costume of all time.

That wasn’t the first time Val Chmerkovskiy showed that much skin — he bared even more of his bod for a very revealing People interview earlier this year. The interview was accompanied by photos of Val and his similarly ab-tastic brother wearing nothing but Pharrell Williams hats over their crotches.

During the interview, Val and Maks Chmerkovskiy revealed that female celebrities aren’t the only ones who have high beauty standards to live up to — male dancers can get a bit insecure about their stomachs, so they use a special beauty trick to make their bellies look their best.

“I get fit, he gets a little fat,” Maks said of his brother. “He knows now as long as you don’t turn sideways, you can draw abs [with body makeup].”

Val might be vain, but he actually fessed up to faking his well-defined six pack.

“I look like 300 up front. Turn to the side, I look like a zebra.”

What do you think of Val Chmerkovskiy’s complaints about being sexually exploited? Does the meninist really feel like a piece of meat, or does he love all the attention that his airbrushed abs get?

[Image credits: Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram]