Bill Cosby Interrupted

Bill Cosby Interrupted: ‘Tell The One About How To Get Away With Rape’

Heckling — it’s usually considered rude. But a growing number of people say it’s a “moral imperative” to interrupt Bill Cosby as he finishes his Far From Finished comedy tour. Two of those people were at his last show causing a ruckus, but as Cosby’s event planners explained prior to the show, it’s a common occurrence.

According to the Wrap, at the end of March, some creative hecklers confronted the comedian as he performed in Baltimore at the Lyric Opera House.

One man, undeterred by the booing Cosby fans around him, shouted, “tell the one about how to get away with rape.”

Bill Cosby did not tell that particular joke. Instead, he attempted to calm down the audience.

“Just remain calm. We are here to enjoy my gift. We are not here to argue. Let those people speak. We will find them and ask them to leave.”

Since then, more accusers have come forward. At the last show of Cosby’s tour, both hecklers and protesters converged.

During that show, which took place at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, one woman started heckling the comedian mid-joke, according to CNN.

The crowd of fans started booing and shouting at the woman until Bill Cosby calmed them down and told the woman, “This is our show, and it’ll be over soon.”

Shortly afterwards, another man began shouting one-liners at the comedian until Cosby answered back saying, “do you have 40 more minutes of this?” getting a few laughs.

The hecklers were not unexpected. An announcement ran before the show instructing audience members not to confront people interrupting the performance. A group reportedly sent out a press release saying they planned to interrupt the show “regularly.”

Protesters outside the venue included two women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault: former Cosby Show guest star Lili Bernard and model Kaya Thompson.

Bernard handed out copies of statements she made to the press about the sexual assault after staying silent for 23 years.

She said, “If I were to remain silent to the public, I would be enabling Bill Cosby’s criminal lifestyle.”

“I would be enabling his duping of his adoring fans. I would be enabling the re-victimization of the courageous women who have stepped forward.”

Thompson was a 17-year-old model when Cosby allegedly made sexual advances in his New York City home.

“Even at 17, it was then very clear what was expected of me. I made a lot of excuses to get out of the house as quickly as I could, and I cried the whole way home.”

Bill Cosby claims he’s “far from finished,” but hecklers insist they’re not finished, either.

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