Allison Williams makeup selfie stuns Internet

Allison Williams Strips Off Her Makeup — She And Amy Schumer Inspire Natural Beauty Campaign

No one could possibly doubt that Allison Williams is beautiful. But despite that unalienable fact, even she has to pile on loads of makeup to create a more perfect version of herself.

Williams posted a fairly creepy picture of herself on Instagram Friday, in which she reveals the stark contrast between the natural Allison and the dolled-up Allison, Page Six reported.

The difference is stark indeed – and quite frankly, dolled-up Allison ends up looking simply clownish.

The picture was snapped at the end of a day of filming for HBO’s Girls; Williams, 27, cleaned half her face of a generous coating of bronzer, brown-lined lips, heavily decorated eyes, and super-arched eyebrows, Us Magazine added.

Underneath was — surprise surprise! — a gorgeous girl.

Took half my makeup off. Guess why Marnie might have this insane look? #90sLips #Season5

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Which proves — does any woman really need to wear so much makeup? On the flip-side, since it can completely transform a woman until she’s unrecognizable, any normal gal off the street could be turned into a movie star with a few fancy flourishes of a brush.

Enter Amy Schumer. The comedian’s #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup campaign is blowing up Twitter right now after her hilarious, One Direction-inspired skit of the same name. In it, the heartthrobs croon about how pretty Amy doesn’t need foundation and concealer and blush and bronzer, the Spreadit reported.

All that changes when Schumer follows their advice and actually reveals the natural beauty underneath. The boys are none too happy with the transformation, begging her to put it all back on.

But the skit and accompanying hashtag has inspired tons of ladies to bare their naturally beautiful, make-up free mugs on Twitter like Williams did Friday. Proving to the world that the female face is perfect just the way it is — no heavy makeup required.

[Photo Courtesy Instagram]