Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio

RihCaprio Dating? Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio Not Together Despite Reports

Sorry fans, but Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are not together, despite what the reports and rumors have to say. The two celebrities haven’t even confirmed their relationship when they sparked dating rumors weeks ago, but a new report says that they’re not together.

An alleged source told Gossip Cop that the story about Rihanna and DiCaprio dating is completely untrue. The news source slammed In Touch Weekly for claiming that Rihanna “can’t stay away” from DiCaprio. The tabloid went on to say that she went “running back” to the actor earlier this month. Rihanna apparently made DiCaprio jealous earlier this month when she was spotted with Drake at Coachella. When her plan “backfired,” the singer “had no other option but to go back to him” to win his heart back. The magazine painted Rihanna as an obsessed girlfriend.

“Leo doesn’t care [if she sees other people]. He just wants to have fun with her without any strings attached. She’s still really into him. Right now, they pretty much just hook up and go to each other’s houses late at night, but Rihanna’s holding out hope that Leo will eventually commit. She’s obsessed.”

Gossip Cop was told that the In Touch report is not only untrue but also “dumb.” The magazine has also wrongly accused Leonardo of dating a model he never met in his life.

That hasn’t stopped another tabloid from reporting about RihCaprio. OK! Magazine also claims that Rihanna can’t stay away from the actor. After the two allegedly hooked up, the singer is hoping to settle down with DiCaprio this time around.

Meanwhile, another source told British magazine Grazia that Rihanna is too carefree and free-spirited for Leo.. In fact, it’s a refreshing change of pace for the actor who’s used to dating leggy and clingy blonde models.

“Rihanna is by far the most independent woman Leo has ever dated. He tends to be the boss, but with Rihanna it’s different. They’re equals and it’s a good change for him.”

Rihanna and DiCaprio have been seen at different Hollywood parties together. The rumored couple was also spotted at the singer’s 27th birthday party earlier this year. Onlookers reported that Rihanna and DiCaprio flirted and danced the night away.

The entertainer has been at the center of romance rumors with Chris Brown. Some reports speculated that the two were going to rekindle their romance, but those rumors also turned out to be false. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rihanna has no intentions of settling down with the R&B singer.

What are your thoughts on the Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating rumors? Do you think they ever dated at all?

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