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Dog Dies After Falling Out Of Plane During Takeoff At Lexington, Kentucky Airport — Puppies Found Wandering Main Cabin

A tragic report out of Lexington, Kentucky, today as a dog fell out of a plane and died during takeoff on Friday morning. The incident happened at the Blue Grass Airport, and there was actually a bit of confusion as to whether or not there were additional dogs that fell out of the plane as well.

WKYT reported that airport officials weren’t sure on Friday morning if it was just one dog that fell out of the plane. They originally believed that two puppies had fallen out as well, but they were located some time later.

Amy Caudill, a spokeswoman for the Blue Grass Airport, said that the incident happened around 11:45 a.m. on Friday morning.

The plane leaving from Lexington, Kentucky, was actually being chartered by Pilots N Paws, a non-profit organization that helps animals reach new homes. Volunteer pilots and those who rescue, shelter, or foster animals meet together to help get animals to their new owners.

The pilot for Pilots N Paws was in the process of picking up a mother dog and her five puppies from Kentucky. He was then taking them in a smaller private plane to their new home in a location that was not revealed.

Right after takeoff on Friday morning, a door that was underneath the plane fell open and the mother dog fell out. The incident happened around the Versailles Road area, and that was where the dog fell out.

The pilot realized the door was opened and he turned the plane around to go back to Blue Grass Airport in Lexington.

Officials soon learned that the dog had died in her fall from the plane, and that was when they started searching the area for two of her puppies. It was believed that two of the five had also fallen out of the plane and may have passed away.

After searching for a while, the two puppies that were suspected to be lost, were found underneath one of the seats in the main cabin of the small plane. All five of the puppies were found unharmed.

The Pilots N Paws pilot spent a bit of time at the Kentucky airport, got the five puppies together, and then took off to bring them to their new home. Sadly, the dog falling out of the plane happened in the tragic accident, but it was good that all five puppies stayed safe.

[Image via WKYT]