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Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Michigan State University To Offer Zombie Fighting Class [Video]

walking dead

The zombie apocalypse is coming, that’s a fact. And if you want to be prepared you should probably enroll in Michigan State University’s new course, “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes & Human Behavior.”

The course, according to Time Magazine, focuses on how humans behave when faced with plagues or other catastrophic events. The course will cover the hypothetical questions concerning a zombie uprising, but will also look at how to deal with earthquakes, plagues, falling meteors and other doomsday scenarios.

According to the course catalog:

“The question at the center of this course is, “How do humans behave in catastrophic times?” Does their behavior change in the midst of trying to survive and the decisions they face? We will examine major catastrophic events from the past, look to potential future events, and consider a concept for increasing our chances of survival.”

So if there is a zombie apocalypse, is our only chance of salvation resting in the hands of MSU alum. Thankfully, no. The course will be available through the university’s Lifelong Education program which is open to everyone who meets the requirements (mainly a high school diploma).

The course will be taught by Glenn Stutzky, who summed up the program to by saying: “In a time of catastrophe, some people find their humanity; other lose theirs.”

Here’s a video about the new course.

Would you be interested in taking a Zombie apocalypse course?

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21 Responses to “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Michigan State University To Offer Zombie Fighting Class [Video]”

  1. Ryan Carranza

    I love zombie movies, books, graphic novels and video games… but this is pushing it. With that being said, sign me up!

  2. Ken Turner

    I'd like to see these so called "facts" concerning the coming zombie apocolypse! Are these people retarded? Zombies aren't real morons! Just call the class "Catastrophe survival class" and leave the zombies in lala land where they belong!

  3. Anna Amey

    My kids would love this! The 13 year olds I mean. Well, actually William would think it was cool too!

  4. Tyranny Blackthorn

    OF course I would be there. And so would a bunch of my friends, we have been talking about this for years now, all none believers are going to be the ones that turn first X.X Even the government released a comment about it stating "If there was one they where sure the U.S. forces would have it under control " If the government is speaking up then, who's to knows maybe there is Aliens, maybe there is not, would we even know about them, how far do you think it would get? Their is a lot of questions, The government even admitted there could be some explainable hypothetical way it could happen, or a disease like it with more or less symptoms adding that they would not want panic in case it could be treat able, saying some things like nuclear fall out and chemical waste and so on. Now that said, and maybe I can find a link or some proof but till then… As we make up our U.S. forces then why would you not be open minded enough to better yourself and take a course like this to improve your knowledge base and survival, and not only is it speaking about an issue a lot of people believe to be to farce and way to ridiculous but it also helps in cases like Haiti and Japan, maybe even worse do you want to be helpless perhaps die because you had no clue? Well not me and my friends or any like us. I am not screaming the end is near, just putting to mind that nature is mysterious in a matter of minutes it can get out of control, in seconds it can kill 1 or 1,000 or more, man to in fact we like to think we control everything and we try, but we are only human and we can be prone to failure ; Oil spills, Chemical spills, chemical waste spills, factory explosions and emissions, the list goes on do you not agree? How could you not think it could be a serious plain… Tisk Tisk, when the time comes, and your one of the few that make it simply because you had a great hiding place but are doomed to death after a few days or months because you have no other resources. The person you will hope and pray to come save you will be me and my friends and those who have taken this course among-st other people who thought of ways to be more perpaired, at least be smart and pack a kit, the news tells you that all the time… Now with that said I have to add last night I had a strange dream… speaking of zombies… not that I have not had strange zombie dreams before it was just interesting I should find this to be the first thing on my wall when I sign in haha, I dreamed that the dogs started the zombie Apocalypse, my best friends moms voice spoke to me ( lol, Rest her soul the sweet and funny lady she was ) telling me to kill the dogs, keep the cats indoors because they know when they are close and for those that have been bitten or even had contact with a undead K9 they should take a sip of winddex, or anything with ammonia if violent convulsion occur it's a sing of infection and thus they should drink a half a cup more to rid them self of the virus this must be done with in three hours of first contact…( WARNING DO NOT TRY THIS IT COULD BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH POSSIBLY EVEN KILL YOU I DO NOT IN ANYWAY BELIEVE THIS TO BE TRUE! ) O.o how odd yes? I thought so but what oof rabies? Anyway I would take the course if I lived closer it sounds like a smart idea to me.

  5. Tyranny Blackthorn

    Oh yes here is just a few links, all speaking of the government and CDC posting about it, how ever I had heard it on the news so you maybe able to search google and see for yourself, posting google link as well.

    that is just a few off my search "US government comments on zombies" through…5962l39672l0l43469l69l64l1l2l2l2l2205l15431l0j14j11j5j4j2j2j0j1j1l44l0.frgbld.&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f3dffc7186102169

    for those of you who are curious or even the nonbeliever.

  6. Rob Normand

    I think that in Catastrophic times, one's humanity could chAnge, but I feel it depends on the duration of time one is in the catastrophic enviroment, and also the people they are with. A person, by nature, would attempt to continue living as normally as possible until they are pretty much forced to alter their lifestyle. It almost poses a moral question.

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