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Australian Town Covered In Spiderwebs [Photos]

Waga Waga Spiders

Travelers who are looking to see something a little bit on the creepy side should take the first plane to Waga Waga, Australia. In a bit of evolutionary wonder, the town has recently been hit with major flooding. In response to the flooding, the towns millions of spiders have banded together to build massive webs across huge swaths of sticks and bushes. Some of them cover entire fields.

The strange spiderweb blankets were first reported by the BBC. According to the news outlet, approximately 9,000 people in Wagga Wagga been forced to evacuate due to flooding. Wagga Wagga is a popular stopover for people heading between Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne.

The spider web blankets are a wonder that scientists are having a difficult time explaining. Score one for Darwin.

Would you be interested in seeing the giant spider webs or would it give you the creeps?

Waga Waga Spiderweb1 Waga Waga Spiderweb 2Waga Waga Spiderweb 3Photos by Lukas Coch, EPA / Landov.

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30 Responses to “Australian Town Covered In Spiderwebs [Photos]”

  1. Ryan Carranza

    Am I terrified of spiders?
    Answer: YES! Look at those things and tell me they are cute… You can't friggin do it! They are hideous beyond belief! They are sneaky… creepy… hairy… disgusting and they friggin bite! TO HELL WITH SPIDERS!

  2. Sylvia DaSilva

    I couldn't agree with you more, Ryan. Creeped me out just looking at the pics!!! BLECH….why would anyone WANT to see that??!!!

  3. Sylvia DaSilva

    And that first picture showing above, PLEASE tell me that that's snow that we're looking at with just the beginnings of the webs over it….please tell me that?

  4. Ryan Carranza

    Sylvia DaSilva … It's kinda pathetic on my part. I am not afraid of heights, snakes, animals or anything like that… But throw a spider at me and I turn into a Diva screaming for my life.

  5. Sylvia DaSilva

    Ryan Carranza ROFL….very masculine of you to admit it, though…gotta give you cudos for that!!!

  6. Katrina VanSlyke

    Holy cow, YES! Spiders freak me out and having a web that covers fields! Please! No way! I will probably have nightmares. Ugghhh!

  7. Jacqueline Parks

    oh my gosh – i wanted to live there! i wanted to say, "yes, i live in waga waga"

  8. Michael Garceau

    I'LL PASS THANX! ::starts scratching:: eeewwwww!

  9. Stephanie Mae

    Creepy as hell… I say burn them… No way in hell would I go and visit that area…

  10. Matt Chivers

    I guess betweeen the spiders, crabs, snakes and every other creaturel trying to escape the flooding, this must be doing a number on the tourism.

  11. Barry Creed

    Unfortunately it's real, fortunately it's very far away! You wouldn't find it around the Burren, that's for sure….but maybe in Longford…

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