Grilled cheese sex

Grilled Cheese Sex: Fans Of The Sandwich Have More Sex, According To New Study

If you love grilled cheese sandwiches, you are likely having more sex than those who don’t.

According to Fox News, a new study conducted by the dating site Skout showed that 32 percent of people who like grilled cheese have sex about six times per month. Only 27 percent of non-grilled cheese fans were having sex as frequently.

The study also found that 73 percent of people who like the sandwich (which is made up of melted cheese between two pieces of bread, and is usually cooked in a frying pan with butter) have sex at least once per month. Only 63 percent of those who don’t like grilled cheese sandwiches compare.

According to the Huffington Post, 4,600 people were surveyed by Skout.

“The findings also discovered that grilled cheese fans are more generous and adventurous than their sandwich-skipping counterparts. Eighty-one percent of pro-cheesers have donated their time, money or food to those in need. By comparison, only 66 percent of those who dislike grilled cheese report helping the needy.”

There are plenty of ways to create a grilled cheese sandwich, but there are quite a few people who feel that the lunch item is just too bland. Apparently, these people are experiencing more bland sex lives as well, at least according to Skout’s recent study. Naturally, there are plenty of reasons why this could just be a coincidence, but those who enjoy a good grilled cheese sandwich every now and again are happy to hear that they are on the “more sex” side of things.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, people tend to make their sandwiches all different ways, but the most popular method involves a fairly traditional blend of American and cheddar cheese. The combination of the two is actually what people seem to enjoy the most.

“American and Cheddar were the two most popular at 41 percent and 33 percent, respectively, while other cheeses like mozzarella, Swiss, provolone, and brie, rounded out the last 26 percent.”

The more adventurous types enjoy adding things like tomatoes, spinach (or other veggies), pickles, deli meat, and even Nutella. Of course, there is no telling whether or not those who enjoy experimenting with their lunch enjoy similar experimentation in the bedroom, but that could be another study for another day.

Are you a grilled cheese fan? Do you think you have more sex than your friends who don’t like grilled cheese sandwiches?

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]