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Houston’s Ex Will Attend Funeral


As previously reported, it was rumored that Bobby Brown might be denied at the funeral on Friday by camp Whitney, but according to a family source they’re now revealing that Bobby Brown, the ex-husband of late singer Whitney Houston will be attending the funeral.

The family may have concerns about Bobby raising the 18 year-old child he shares with Houston, Bobbi Kristina, but they certainly won’t deny him of his rights to stand by her side as they mourn the loss.

“Bobby will be there at the funeral to support [Bobbi Kristina]” a source reveals to People. “There was some talk … some people were angry at him, but that’s just grief. He will be there.”

“He is not being banned,” the source continues. “That is completely untrue.”

Whitney will be laid to rest Friday, Feburary 18th at the New Hope Baptist Church where she got her start singing gospel music in the choir. It is expected that the service will be streamed online for her millions of fans to watch and mourn. Over the past weekend fans and family friends alike have been visiting the church to pray for her as well. According to the source, her family is planning on going to a service Thursday night to thank all of her friends who have continued to support her and leave messages for Houston.

The service is invitation only, and following the service is a special private service that will take place at the same church later that night.

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  1. Mari Bailey-day

    RIP WHITNEY, you are with the Lord now, and you can rest deal Soldier you have run your coarse, you have finished the race and now from here on lies a crown of righteousness. God bless

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