Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa Defends Wardrobe Malfunction [Video]

If you tuned into Live! with Kelly yesterday you may have gotten to see the show’s host Kelly Ripa defending her choice of wardrobe. The morning show host came out wearing a “Stella McCartney miracle” dress which is supposed to give viewers of the dress the image of a perfect hourglass figure.

Not So with Kelly.

While her figure did look amazing, viewers had started to write into the show from the minute she walked out. They were writing in comments such as these,

“People keep saying it’s a nice dress but your nipples should not be showing,”

“I think your headlights are on.”

Ripa starting defending herself saying that what people were seeing was not in fact her nipples but the “darts” of the dress. That it was the way the dress was made.

She said,

“It’s not nipples, it the darts of the dress.” Ripa pointed to her chest. “It’s the stitching of the dress.”

She then went on to thank the audience for making her feel insecure, saying it with a laugh.

Her next guest was Reese Witherspoon and Kelly Ripa immediately asked Reese if she could borrow her jacket to which Reese replied,

“You need a thicker bra Kelly”

It seems as if more and more stars are having these kinds of wardrobe malfunctions and are pruposefully wearing more risque outfits in order to generate buzz.

Do you think that Kelly Ripa didn’t realize that it appeared as if her nipples were showing in the dress or she wanted the extra attention?