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Go Go Juice Recipe: Honey Boo Boo Child Drinks Mountain Dew and Red Bull [Video]

honey boo boo

Honey Boo Boo Child is the funniest, strangest, and most disturbing child on Toddlers Tiaras. Her unmatched energy has made her a fan favorite. But Alana’s flamboyant personality isn’t exactly natural. The 6-year-old drinks a healthy blend of Mountain Dew and Red Bull, called Go Go Juice, to give her the extra energy she needs to be a toddler beauty queen.

Boo Boo Child said:

“My special juice is going to help me win… My Go-Go Juice is kicking in right now.”

According to Good Morning America, a bottle of Go Go juice contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee. Alana’s mother, June Shannon, defended the energy drink, saying:

“There are normal people who give their kids this. Why is it such a big issue with us pageant moms that do it all weekend to keep our kids energized and awake? There are far worse things… I could be giving her alcohol.”

Shannon said that she tried to give Boo Boo Child pixi sticks (a paper straw filled with sugar) but that they didn’t have the same energizing effects.

As far as her daughter’s health goes, Shannon has an interesting view. It’s heart warming to hear that Shannon will love her daughter whether she’s skinny or fat, but a little concerning that she doesn’t seem aware that she could be harming the girl’s health. Shannon said:

“She’s not skinny but, whether skinny or fat, I am still going to love my children regardless. I could care less if they get up to 1,000 pounds; I am still going to love them.”

What do you think about Go Go juice?

Here’s a video report from Good Morning America.

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57 Responses to “Go Go Juice Recipe: Honey Boo Boo Child Drinks Mountain Dew and Red Bull [Video]”

  1. Wendy Jones Hayes

    A good diet, exercise, and plenty of rest will also give one a great deal of energy. FYI

  2. Viki Ryan

    Go Go juice is the least of this kid's problems, her fat ass mother is the start, and it's downhill from there. She's got no chance in hell of growing up to be anything but an overweight, smart mouthed piece of white trash.

  3. Shannon Cox Nakano

    That's what I said Wendy. These parents say they are trying to give their children energy for these pagents? Why not eggs for breakfast with a fruit smoothie? Geeesh!

  4. Marina Bellini

    Oh, I think it's ok IF she doesn't drink this normally. There are better ways to energize a kid, but I dont think that drinking 2 sips of this mixture will cause problems to her at all.

  5. Andrew W. Herdeg

    Mother & daughter can get their insulin shots together.
    THIS is the best we can find to put on TV?

  6. Cj Artemis Price

    Personally i think shows like this should be illegal, not to mention activities like this. I feel it's a form of child abuse, and should be handled as such.

  7. Misty Schmidt

    I find the fact that they gave this child a reality show highly disturbing… If the rest of the world doesn't already think Americans are backwoods rednecks, they will when they see this show!

  8. Suzuka Shinobi

    Marina Bellini You're obviously not factoring in things like a) cumulative effects, b) the dumb heffer aka her "momma" , and c) the crash after the sugar/caffeine high. I'm mean seriously most pageants take several HOURS! and can often run the course of an entire DAY! Which means that the dumb heffer is going to most likely be re-dosing "Honey Boo-Boo" in between events to keep her moving slowly or sluggishly. The odds of that child not having downed that entire container of "Go Go Juice" by the end of the pageant are slim to none. The most disgusting part of this is the fact she doesn't even realize how much she's stunting the child's Physical AND Mental health by doing this. But then again this is the crowd that's okay with waxing 5-year-old eyebrows, spray-tanning 4-year-olds, and making 6-year-olds wear child sized versions of the clothes that let's face it are way to close to the "sexually mature" part of humanities closet for most Decent people to be comfortable with.

  9. Kristin Reitz

    How is it possible to make a "healthy blend" of mountain dew and red bull?? And I wonder why it says on the can that women who are pregnant or nursing shouldn't drink red bull

  10. Kristin Reitz

    And yet it's okay for a toddler to drink? Doesn't sound right to me.

  11. Suzan Custer Tarr

    sad really. teaching your child at a young age to depend on something to get "high" i agree…white trash?!

  12. Teresa Gibson

    I think Honey Boo Boo's mom wants to be the star. All these moms seem to want to live through their daughters. And she actually believes she is good looking (the mom). Plastic surgery could not help this woman. And as far as not giving her daughter alcohol. Just a matter of time. Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Road Kill, Jesus Christ this woman has no limits. Look at her in this picture, dressed like her daughter. She is on a diet and seems like she means it. She is seeking her 15 minutes. She has an agenda. Sad thing is it's like putting lipstick on a pig. This show might be fun to watch for about five minutes but then it just gets to be another train wreck. Nothing replaces class and dignity. This family is clueless.

  13. Tone Sierra

    Normal people give their children unhealthy doses of caffeine mixed with soda that contains enough sugar to be harmful to adults. Normal people allow their children to consume a substance that fools your brain into thinking it's not tired even when it is, and therefore burns you out and causes your body to become dependent on it to function. Normal people allow for their children to grow up into adults who develop hypersensitivity or allergies to caffeine, and pump their kids full of unhealthy food while teaching unhealthy eating habits which turns them obese and ultimately unhappy. Normal people coat their young female offspring in tons of makeup until they look like a whore and then work them for as much cash as they can. Sure, I buy it…you great white piece of fail.

  14. Andrew Grieser

    There is an actual product out there called GoGo Juice, it's organic peeled pear juice. If I were the owner of that trademark name, I'd sue the pants of this bitch.

  15. Jonathan Jenkins

    The end of times is nigh for we have seen the promotion of globulous white trash and their accidental brood to stardom. And I used to think Jersy Shore was crap

  16. Jen Jae

    This mother should have her kids taken away. I'm sorry, but justifying that some mothers give their kids Mountain Dew (mind you–I don't know ANY who let a 6 or 7 y/o child drink it), is ridiculous. Then she further goes on to make absolutely no sense by saying, "It could be worse, I could be alcohol." Ummm, what? So what she's saying is that it's okay to give a child a dangerously high mix of caffeine because it doesn't have alcohol. That's like an alcoholic saying, "Well, at least I'm not shooting heroin." Well that must make it okay…as long as they don't shoot heroin! Right….There can always be something worse–but at least she's not doing it. She's just being a horrible mother. That's bad enough to me.

  17. Jazzman Jorge

    There are people in this world who should not have children if those parents are not going to take responsibility. Children at 6 or 7 years old are drinking milk, orange juice, and/or apple juice. I'm glad that you have shared this. Save one child, you save the world.

  18. Milton Bonilla

    Agreed. Demoralization and degeneration at its best and people watch this trash so they can say I have a better life than that is what media does to manipulate your conscience. Boycott these shows and write to the people that write this garbage. And you wonder why this country is in such a sad state of mind we live in

  19. Richard Goode

    I used to live very close to where this family lives (McIntyre, GA). There are an AWFUL lot of people there who think the same way, as well as through the rest of the South. It's a shame that his little girl is being exploited as she is…she will likely be dead of a suicide before she is 30, or seriously drug-addicted at the very least.

  20. Jen Jae

    Richard Goode It's sad. It's not this poor child's fault. She acts strange because she's being given a mixture of caffeine and all the stuff they put in Red Bull. Things a child shouldn't consume. It makes her wacky. I think this borders on abuse…and the whole pageant thing IS disgusting. Making their children up to be sexual objects.It's sick and should be illegal.

  21. John Happel

    There have been worse mothers. At least this mother has had the sense to put a lot of their money from their new show in savings accounts for her children. I commend her on that.

  22. Trisha Lynn Dragon

    Isabel Bonilla Who? Nobody involved in this show is sweet or beautiful. Spoiled, selfish, idiotic, loud, oblivious and ignorant are the BEST qualities displayed by this group of rejects.

  23. Trisha Lynn Dragon

    Ok no. Not even close. There would be nothing to boycott or be pissed off at if her degenerate moronic parents had ANY desire to be educated or involved.

    The parents are a couple of oblivious land whales content to pimp themselves and their other children out so the little monster child can attention whore to the highest possible number of people at once. It's not ok. This is not society's fault. This is worthless parents too stupid, ignorant or lazy (or all of the above) to parent. Parenting is hard. It's even harder if you put effort into it.

    The mother is what 400ish pounds? You can't tell me she doesn't know what harm being THAT fat does. You don't pump a kid full of caffine for crissake. There is NO excuse or reason. Her response to those who call her out on her piss poor parenting is, well I could give her worse crap. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!?

    Who is the parent? Is it America? Hell no. Is it the network? Nope. The viewers? Nuh uh. She has parents, and they have chosen to shirk the duty.

    American's should not be writing the production company, the network that airs it or anybody else involved with it's production. They should be writing to Child Protective Services demanding to know why they have allowed these parents to keep children they obviously have zero desire to parent properly.

    There is nothing wrong with young kids doing pageants if done properly and within reason with a parent capable of understanding priorities. This is a couple of loud moronic attention whores with no desire to do the hard work and guiding a parent MUST do.

    When Honey Boo Boo is a teenage sorry drunken lard butt loser it's too late to go "uh oh, we probably should have done something"

    Stop making excuses. The kid is a turd, and that is a direct result of her parents at this point. You get a limited period of time with kids to build respect, trust and authority. Her parents have blown it. She's out of control and she isn't even a tween yet. She is going to grow up and be human garbage if somebody doesn't nut up and force the parents to parent.

  24. David Ovsiankin

    What the hell is wrong with you? Are you incapable of felling shame, isn't that show a little disgusting?

  25. Liz Lizardo Carroll

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Do you seriously think that it's ok to give a child Red Bull and Mountain Dew AT THE SAME TIME? Forgetting the amount of sugar these drinks have not to mention all the other crap that energy drinks have in them; drinking too many energy drinks can cause heart attacks in adults and have a laxative effect if you dink too many, I can't imagine what it must be doing to the kid.. Further more, all that's going to happen out of the "energising effects" of sugar is a massive sugar crash when it runs out and the kid will likely end up a diabetic but I guess that's ok because there are worse mothers.. So she fucking should put the money in accounts for the kids, the kids need to get something out of being exploited like this…

  26. Paula Ramsey

    They'll need the money when the kid has an infarction at the age of 20.

  27. Paula Ramsey

    On the last episode I got sucked into, they said she does pageants every weekend.

  28. Daniel Page

    The parent sees the kid is exhausted. Instead of letting them rest, they give the kid a chemical pickup to keep them going? This is going way further than the parent transposing themselves on the kid, and time is borderline abuse…

  29. Thomas Velik

    This is outright horrible. What kind of mother gives her child a high concentration of caffeine and then defends its use by saying, "At least it's not alcohol!" Using her logic, that's like a pot smoker saying, "At least it's not crystal meth!" This is ridiculous and most likely breaks pageant rules. She's just a bad mother that's artificially boosting her child's performance for her own financial gain! You know what that is? Exploitation!

  30. Jim Miller

    Would any of you folks use the term 'Black Trash'? Would you say 'White Trash' around non-whites? How about if non-whites used the term 'White Trash' around you? Please stop and think about what you are implying when you use the term 'White Trash'.

  31. Michael Pelch

    No need to worry, she will probably been braid dead by the time she is old enough, and won't be able to vote.

  32. David Kibler

    Was thinking more about the crack head mom. What's really sad is people here in South Africa watch that show. :-(

  33. BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

    Even though the gateway theory is bullshit I could foresee Honey Boo-Boo becoming really big on the..erm…"Crystal Blue Persuasion" the ol "Walter White's Magical Crystal Candy"

    The ol methamphetamine 😀

    "I feel it kickin' in RIGHT NOW! YEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeeeEEEEee-Haw haw haw! *coughs*"

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