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6-legged Lamb With Both Male and Female Sex Organs Born in Georgia [Video]

6-legged lamb

A 6-legged lamb was just born at a Georgia farm. The lamb also appears to be a hermaphrodite with both male and female sex organs.

The piebald lamb has four legs at the front and another two at the back. The Huffington Post reports that the lamb appears to have at least partial control of all of its limbs. Beside the animals abnormalities it appears to be perfectly healthy.

WPBF reports that the lamb was born in the village of Velistsikhe. Shepherd Albert Abadzhanov said that the animal is having a little trouble walking but seems to be getting the hang of it. Abadzhanov said:

“I have been asking the other shepherds, but none of them remember such [a] case. There were three-legged lambs, one-eyed, but not [a] six legged, bisexual one.”

Veterinarian Otto Zardiashvili believes that the calf’s mother was probably having twins, but some how the embryos were combined. Zardiashvili said:

“Most probably there were twins, but then the embryos were united, and we’ve got a strange lamb.”

Here’s a video of the 6-legged lamb.

Animal abnormalities aren’t as uncommon as you might think. There have been several confirmed reports of two headed animals.

An Albino Rat Snake Named “We” Died in 2007

two headed snake

Two-Headed Greek Tortoise Born in 2007

two headed tortoise

Are you surprised to see a six-legged lamb?

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21 Responses to “6-legged Lamb With Both Male and Female Sex Organs Born in Georgia [Video]”

  1. Caitlin Owen-shore

    This makes me kinda sad….It seemed scared. People believe that because it doesn't think like us that it doesn't feel like us too. So it has a diformity. Who cares? It's not meant to be exploited. And I wouldn't try eating it either. Who knows why it turned out the way it did. Could be chemicals from fertilizers or something of the like.

  2. Angela Rodgers

    OK so these people go public with this 6 legged lamb so now they are going to abuse it WHAT KIND OF SENSE does that make. And No a lot of people DON"T abuse their farm animal just the few you hear about does not make it a lot. GEEZ get your facts straight. You sound like an idiot.

  3. Linda B. Lindsay

    Angela Rodgers i'm not a idiot. did you hear about the man that had all those animals and finally he couldn't afford to feed them and then he shot them. so you are the idiot.

  4. Angela Rodgers

    Linda B. Lindsay That is 1 farmer ( 1 does not = many) vs how many that take care of and feed their animals???? Just because 1 person does it does not make it so that everyone does it. Just like if one person abuses their child does not make every parent an abuser.

  5. Angela Rodgers

    And yes that farmer had other choices (like giving them to someone esle who could have taken care of them) but shooting them WAS NOT ABUSE leaving them there to starve to death would have been abuse.

  6. Lynn Mayfield

    What a sweet little thing! Hope they will take good care of herm and not kill it or ship it off to a sideshow. It should be a pet-

  7. Jan Parchman

    you are an idiot, so is anyone else who finds this even remotely funny. Easy to see those that think like this were not born with anything extra, but born lacking something compassion and a brain. Hope none of you have kids or pets. The lamb should be treated humanely and not mistreated or abused, nor eaten.

  8. Courtney Schaff

    Just because an animal has a deformity doesn't mean it's been messed with genetically. Things go wrong in nature all the time, it's a fact of life. Absolutely adorable either way =].

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