Barack Obama

Republicans Release Video Attacking State of the Union [Video]

The Republican National Committee has released a video slamming President Obama’s State of the Union address as more of the same old same old. It compares Obama’s old speeches to his latest State of the union and shows how Obama seems to consistently use the same phrases and address the same issues in the same way as he has done since he has gotten elected.

The Republican attack piece is designed to show how President Obama seems to like to talk about issues at length in his speeches but makes no real attempt to get his agenda through Congress. Then when Congress doesn’t take up his issues without him getting involved he decries them as obstructionist.

This example of illegal immigration was used in the piece.

Indeed, he “strongly believe[d] that we should take on, once and for all, the issue of illegal immigration” last year, according to his State of the Union speech.

This year, he reminded lawmakers that “hundreds of thousands of talented, hardworking students in this country face another challenge: The fact that they aren’t yet American citizens,” an allusion to the Dream Act, which would provide legal status to some undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, if they join the military or attend college.

Last year, too, he talked about the “hundreds of thousands of students excelling in our schools who are not American citizens.

There is nothing wrong with being consistent, what the President though is just going through the motions with heated rhetoric followed with little substance.

Do you think President Obama acts with conviction or is just going through the motions?

Watch the attack piece here.