Teodora Emerald

World’s Largest Cut Emerald To Be Auctioned Off On Saturday [Video]

Teodora, the world’s largest cut emerald will go up for sale at Western Star auction on Saturday in the town of Kelowna, Canada. The stone weighs 57,500ct or approximately 11.5 kilograms.

Shaped almost like a watermelon the name of the stone translates to “God’s Gift” and was discovered in Brazil. While the exact location of the stone has been kept secret the gem wholesaler responsible for the auction believes it was discovered by a small mining company.

The stone is the fifth largest emerald ever found and the largest cut emerald, it was cut in India and then shipped to Canada after wholesaler Regan Reaney of Calgary purchased the stone on January 13.

While the stone has been valued at $1.15 million the wholesaler and auction organizers are hoping for $2 million to $2.5 million by the end of auction time on Saturday the 28th.

Here’s a video showcasing the emeralds massive size:

Do you believe that Teodora is worth the $2.5 million price the auction and seller hope to receive?