Gary Carter develops new brain tumors

Gary Carter Developing New Brain Tumors, According to Daughter

Baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter has developed new brain tumors, according to his daughter’s announcement on her website Thursday.

“I write these words with tears because I am so sad for my dad,” Kimmy Carter Bloemers wrote.

Carter was diagnosed last year with a brain tumor and has been undergoing treatment. A recent MRI revealed more tumor growths, Bloemers said. She further detailed what had been a difficult week for her father; Carter tore his rotator cuff after a fall in the hallway of his doctor’s office, and underwent surgery on an open gum wound.

“He had to get shots to numb the area so they could remove a small sharp bone and shave down what had been bothering dad for quite a while. Thankfully, that area in his mouth has been starting to feel better,” Bloemers wrote.

The blog ends with details of Carter’s worsened condition:

“Yesterday, we were waiting in anticipation for dad’s MRI results (since they were being sent to Duke) but were told they would be in today… had a difficult day and he had to rest.

“Just a few moments ago, my mom received a phone call from Dr. V at Duke. I wish I could say that the results were good…

“Dr. V told my mom that there are now several new spots/tumors on my dad’s brain. I write these words with tears because I am so sad for my dad. Dr. Jimmy Harris will be coming to my parent’s house this evening to talk to the family about the next step. I will continue to keep you all updated. Love to everyone and thank you for the prayers.”

We at the Inquisitr will do just that, and keep Gary Carter in our thoughts and prayers through his family’s trying time.