Sammy Hagar Blasts Van Halen Tattoo Single

Sammy Hagar Hates Van Halen’s New Single “Tattoo”

Former Van Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar has listened to the bands new single “Tattoo” and he apparently has nothing nice to say about the single.

Speaing to Britain’s Cack Blabbath he said of Tattoo:

“I personally don’t think that what they have just released, what I have seen and heard, is great at all,” while adding, “It should be better than it is but hey, it is what it is and at least they got together and at least they came out with something.”

The fact that Sammy Hagar doesn’t really like what the band is throwing down shouldn’t come as a surprise, he was kicked out of the band on bad terms in 1996 while being replaced by David Lee Roth, a singer who has helped the band with their 2012 tour with brisk ticket sales.

In the meantime the bands “A Different Kind of Truth” album will drop on February 7, marking the first time in 26 years that Van Halen has released an album of new tracks.

Hagar goes on to explain his falling out with the band to the British music site:

“I got thrown out because I didn’t want to do a greatest hits record. I said, ‘Why the f—, we’re the biggest band in the world, every album we’ve done since I’ve been in the band has been at No. 1, we’ve sold out every arena on the planet, now why would you want to sell them the same old record again and give them two new tracks?’

Do you think Sammy Hagar is bitter about being booted from the band or is his review of Van Halen’s Tattoo justified?