Diamond Dave, Wolfgang Van Halen Headline 2012 Van Halen Tour

Van Halen announced a 2012 tour (and possible album) today. While the band has performed several tours over the past decade, the biggest question demanding to be answered each and every time by Coors Light fueled, mullet-rockin’ fans donning sleeveless “1984” t-shirts, is: Roth or Hagar? This time around, life-long fans from Van Halen I get a late Christmas present: The king of rock and roll himself, David Lee Roth, will headline the tour.

Diamond Dave’s lineup includes all of the original members, sans Michael Anthony. Ersatz replacement Wolfgang Van Halen, the son of the great (that’d be Eddie), has been a tour staple over the years, and will fill Anthony’s role as bassist this time around. Thankfully, Wolfgang has filled this role before (back in 2007’s tour, aborted halfway through so Eddie could enter rehab – again) so his presence ought not inconvenience dedicated fans; at least not so much as Sammy Hagar or *gasp* Gary Cherone.

Despite the early out, the 2007 tour was well-recieved, and 2010 saw rumors of a new tour, and even studio time. The signing of the band to Interscope Records in 2011 only added fuel to the fire.

Details on tour stops and the rumored record are not to be had at this time, but tickets are set to go on sale soon (Jan. 10th) so the specifics are likely soon to follow.

Van Hagar discography will likely be absent from the tour. I’d love to find a way to fit Gary Cherone in one last time in an ironic and humorous way, but maybe it’s best we continue to treat him like he’s “Rocky V”.

In all seriousness, isn’t it a darn good time to be a Van Halen fan? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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