Nasser Al Shahry

Man Tries To Sell His Son on Facebook for $20 Million Dollars

Nasser Al Shahry of Saudi Arabia had a brilliant method of making income after the Saudi government shut down his illegal debt collection business. He decided to sell his son for $20 Million dollars on Facebook.

According to the Daily Mail, Al Shahry put the request on the social networking sight in order to not have to live in poverty. When the government shut down his business he applied for welfare but was denied because he is older than 35 years old.

Al Shahry offered to go to court to make the deal legal. He said the only information he required from the buyer was to know what city he was from.

It is unlikely the sale would have been completed in court which makes some think he was just doing this for a publicity stunt.

Saudi Arabia has strict anti-trafficking laws on the books but the kingdom does not even meet minimal enforcement standards according to the United States Department of State.

The State Department is quoted in various reports saying that,

“[Saudi Arabia]continues to lack adequate anti-trafficking laws, and, despite evidence of widespread trafficking abuses, did not report any criminal prosecutions, convictions or prison sentences for trafficking crimes committed against foreign domestic workers.”

Facebook is also unlikely to haqve allowed the sale to be consumated on its site, in its terms and conditions it says,

“[Facebook] will not post content or take any action on Facebook that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law”

Do you think Nasser Al Shahry should be allowed to sell his son to get out of poverty?