Channing Tatum’s Stripping Skills Get High Praise From Wife Jenna Dewan

Channing Tatum is baring it all in this summer’s male strip club drama Magic Mike. Regarding his preparation for the role, Tatum’s transformation into male stripper was probably a lot like riding a bike since, in case you didn’t know, Tatum used to be an exotic dancer. His tenure in the Step Up series earns him further dancing cred, and marriage to actress, dancer, and former model Jenna Dewan has to help polish his routine, right? Wrong!

“I didn’t show him any routines, but I would definitely watch his and give my critiques and suggestions,” said Dewan, who met her husband while shooting Step Up in 2006.

She continued:

“He’s amazing. He’s a great stripper! I should ask for more [private dances].”

Magic Mike, directed by Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Traffic, Ocean’s films) is a drama film about a male strip club called Xquisite. It stars Tatum, 21-year-old Alex Pettyfer, 42-year-old Matthew McConaughey, 35-year-old Joe Manganiello and 34-year-old Matthew Bomer. In it, veteran male stripper Magic Mike (Tatum) teaches the new kid (Pettyfer) the ropes of the trade at the club, owned by former male stripper Dallas (McConaughey).

Regarding his cast, Soderbergh said:

“It’s really fun. They are worse than women. They made sure that when they showed up, they looked amazing. They were all competitive. It was hilarious. But they looked great.”

He continued by addressing the film’s content, saying there’s “enough male skin in this to make up for a century of discrepancy,” and apparently 31-year-old Dewan doesn’t think her husband needs much rehearsal for the part. Magic Mike is scheduled to open this summer on June 29, 2012.

Are you going to go see Tatum bare-all on June 29th?