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Failed Tea Party Candidate Uses Racist Remarks, Asks For Assassination Of Obama Family

Obama Family Portrait

Jules Manson wasn’t able to win enough votes for a city council seat in California and now the failed Tea Party candidate has completely lost their cool, calling for the assassination of President Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and their “monkey children.”

The outwardly racist comment, sure to land Manson in plenty of hot water, was posted on the politicians Facebook page after President Obama supported a revised military authorization bill.

Manson eventually removed his rant and replaced it with another notice about his right to make such a comment in which he posted:

“Once you have taken the position that anyone should be imprisoned for careless emotionally driven remarks that had no real substance, you deserve what your government has become.”

The failed politician then added:

“All I can really say is to be careful what you wish for because setting such a precedence can come back to bite you.”

Mason originally ran for office because he opposed high taxes and the rising lease rates at his trailer park. The Tea Party member was also a frequenter poster on the Ron Paul website however since his Facebook assassination request against the 1st family went public those comments have been scrubbed from Ron Paul’s website and Facebook pages.

In his original Facebook post he wrote:

“It must be countered with assassinations onto them and their children,” and “Assassinate the f—-n (N-word) and his monkey children.”

As for his political future, he received just 550 votes during his election attempt, less than 4% of the counted votes.

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10 Responses to “Failed Tea Party Candidate Uses Racist Remarks, Asks For Assassination Of Obama Family”

  1. Noyb Nal

    Lonnie Rashid Lynn raps about killing George Bush and he is invited to the white house. There are no news stories on this. There is a game available even now called "Kill George Bush"; Yet an insignificant man who lives in a trailer park makes a death threat against Obama on Facebook (note that Obama receives 30 death threats a day, according to a story in the Telegraph) and is all over the news. Why? A weak and desperate effort to link the Tea Party to racism.

    The press has jumped on this story about this insignificant man and his racist posts and always mention his support of the tea party, as if that is "proof" that the tea party in general is racist. Not sure if that is what you are going for here, but if you are trying to make the leap that the rantings of a weirdo makes the tea party people racist, the evidence is weak, at best.

    On Facebook, by the way, he says he is a democrat. This Jules Manson person turns out to be an atheist or at least affiliates with them. Jules was removed from his association with because of his racist rants. "..he does not identify as a Tea Party member, and in fact spoke derisively of them." "but unless he has changed in the last few months- the attempt to paint him as a Tea Party enthusiast is dishonest and short sighted." So, even though there is proof that he is NOT a tea party person, you insist on putting the Tea Party in the HEADLINE of this story. Is it ideology? Or laziness?

    As usual, no signs, no proof of real Tea Party People being racist. On the other hand, you can do a google search of "occupy wall street anti semitic" and you get actual videos of real live people spewing hatred. I am sure there are anti semitic and racist tea partiers, but I still cannot find any videos online. I find videos ACCUSING them of being racist, but none actually proving it.

  2. Francine JE

    Those comments pose as "treason" and any threats posed to the President of the United States should be handled accordingly. Why isn't this Joker in jail? Anybody else would be.With this racist, skinhead, militia, extremist nation~He should get NO PASS!

  3. Michael Spurlock

    I will pay attention to this story on the same day that the ObamaMedia starts reporting on the daily anti-Semitic and racist remarks that came out of Obama's Occupy "movement," which everyone knows will be the day after never.

  4. Michael Spurlock

    Since Paul can't possibly win the nomination, let alone the general election, they don't have to do anything. His role is to be a splitter, working third party for the Democrats.

  5. Kim LaCapria

    Michael Spurlock Thank you, but I don't consider that proof- it's just repeating an allegation. No actual proof has been provided.

  6. Michael Spurlock

    Kim LaCapria How typical. You waste my time asking for citations, then refute any citation that isn't part of your mainstream media. My entire argument is that it's NOT being reported. Why don't you read the police reports? Is that proof enough for you? Watch the clips of an Occupy spokesman saying the Jews were Hitler's bankers. No, not enough, because it's not what you want to believe. Pointless waste of time.

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