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North Koreans Hysterically Weep for Kim Jong-il (Video)


With the death of North Korea’s strong man Kim Jong-il at the age of 69, the country’s state media showed this footage of people hysterically weeping for their leader. The death was announced late Sunday with reports that the leader died of a heart attack on a train.

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3 Responses to “North Koreans Hysterically Weep for Kim Jong-il (Video)”

  1. Joe Herald

    this is sad while it's refreshing to see people cry for a leader, I gotta wonder number 1 if this was real (cos anyone will show grief if a gun is pointed at you), and number 2 this is what happens when you forget that an icon or a great glorious leader or any flesh and blood idol will DIE someday, when you worship a man as something bigger than a man you WILL be reminded we are ALL mortal and subject to the whims of time. don't put your faith in things that can grow old and die. that's why the bible says not to put your tresures up in a vault where moth and dust corrupts , instead invest your hope in the things that are in heaven ( or in my case things that can never grow old and die like ideals ( freedom, liberty, justice etc.) I will never put all my hope in a naked (man) who can grow old and die. OUR FOUNDERS DIDN'T FIGHT FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON, they fought for the ideals he stood for. when they started slavishly worshipping him (calling him "your majesty") he got OFFENDED and said we didn't fight for kings here!

  2. Joe Herald

    I remember my mom (god rest her soul) telling me of when jfk was murdered when she was a kid in school and she told me it was like this. I feel weepy when I think he was the last REAL president we ever had, that just makes me think that we've NEVER had a real man of the people in my lifetime.

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