Single Woman’s Hilarious Christmas Cards Go Viral

When the rest of her siblings got married and started sending out their own Christmas cards, unmarried 20-something Bridget’s parents decided it was time to cut her out of theirs. Now the internet is collectively glad Mom and Dad did it, because this single girl with a sense of humor has managed to come up with some pretty hilarious cards of her own.

One of her siblings shared them on reddit as “My single sister’s very single Christmas cards,” and Bridget’s lonely holiday greetings have gone viral. USA Today has even tried contacting the sibling who posted the cards to find out more about Bridget.

“I have four sisters,” her sibling wrote. “Me and three of my sisters are married, Bridget is not. My parents decided it would be awkward to have a Christmas card with just one daughter in it, so they cut Bridget out of their Christmas card (the siblings all do their own, except me. I’m lazy) So Bridget decided to send her own Christmas cards.”

Bridget has been sending out her solo cards for the past five years, spreading joy with her lonesome, booze-swilling holiday cheer. Her 2014 card with her new “boyfriend” is shown above. And lucky for those of us not on her list, her sibling posted the rest of the collection for everyone to enjoy.

Bridget’s first solo card in 2010. A bit depressing, isn’t it?

christmas card 3

Her 2011 card was a bit cheerier. Well maybe. This could be just an innocent holiday tea party with some stuffed animals, or maybe she is practicing for her future role of the crazy cat lady aunt.

christmas card 4

Bridget got a bit more creative in 2012. She had a Christmas party with her, her, her, and herself, although, none of them look too excited about it.

christmas card 5

2013 must have been a bad year. She seems to be progressing from sad to really not caring anymore. Maybe it is a side effect of all that drinking.

christmas card 1

Being single during the holidays is never very fun, but thankfully, it looks like Bridget is able to see the humor in it. The only thing missing to make these cards perfect is a pint of eggnog ice cream or a box of assorted chocolates to go with all that alcohol.

Bridget isn’t the only one who sends out humorous Christmas cards – although some of them may not be intentional. Check out more funny and awkward Christmas cards and family photos at the Inquisitr.

[Images via Reddit]