Meghan Trainor Just Got Fan Mail From Beyonce!

Meghan Trainor is undeniably one of the hottest pop artists right now. As All About That Bass continues to soar on the charts this year, people are already beginning to see the 21-year-old singer alongside Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, earning her seat as one of the most sought-after singers of the decade.

And what’s awesome is they’re probably right! We’ve known Trainor for just a few months now and she has already managed to attract millions of fans around the world, including A-listers like the Queen B herself. That’s right! Beyonce recently expressed her admiration for Meghan and, as a booty expert herself, gave praise to Trainor’s curve pride anthem. According to Hollywood Reporter, Meghan revealed that she recently received a private note from the Single Ladies singer herself, requesting the up-and-coming artist for a private meeting.

Meghan Trainor, unsurprisingly, was thrilled to receive the letter from one of the most popular musicians on the planet. She said, “[S]he messaged me and sent me a very nice message saying she thought I was cute and sweet and that she wants to meet me.”

“She told me she likes dancing to my song!” Trainor added.

Beyonce is just one of the thousands of curve-loving fans dancing to Meghan‘s biggest hit this year. All About That Bass has already hit more than 300 million views on YouTube as of this month, and some people are predicting that it will soon be contending with pageview billionaire Oppa Gangnam Style in the near future.

Meghan Trainor’s success has been rapid and phenomenal despite her wider-than-Hollywood-standards physique. However — and quite expectedly — not everyone is on board the Trainor train. Soon after the singer released Lips Are Movin’, people, including fans, were dismayed that it sounded all too similar to Meghan’s first hit single. Bustle was one of the first to notice the similarity between the two songs, and they also noted that it isn’t an official entry on the singer’s Title EP.

In fact, Lips Are Movin’ seem to have just appeared out of nowhere. Bustle wrote that the song suddenly showed up on AllAccess and was just playing on a few radio stations, surprising fans who were expecting a follow-up on Bass.

Not that it matters, anyway. Meghan Trainor’s fans have learned to appreciate the song, and her style in general. Lips Are Movin’ is already on its 30 millionth view on YouTube and although it doesn’t come close to the singer’s first big hit, it’s already quite a success considering that the song was released unannounced.

Florida fans can catch up with Meghan Trainor this Friday, December 19, at The Beacham in Orlando.

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