Kailyn Lowry Kicked Out Of Football Stadium: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Slammed By Worker

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry may be a celebrity for some people, but for others, she is an annoying MTV star who acts entitled – even if this isn’t so. Sadly, Lowry saw this first hand last night, as she went to watch a football game with her husband. While Lowry was just there to cheer with her husband, a worker decided to kick her out. It is uncertain exactly what happened, but it sounds like Kailyn was a victim in this incident.

From Kailyn Lowry’s tweets, it sounds like she was just hanging out and getting ready to watch the game. A lady behind her made a comment about how Lowry should just have more children. It is clearly a reference to her role on Teen Mom, where Kailyn shared her struggles as a young mother. It is an admirable move to be so open to the public about her struggles, so it seems immature that someone would make such an immature comment.

According to a new set of tweets, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry immediately shared her story on Twitter and called out the Lincoln Financial Field Stadium for the treatment during the game. Apparently, a worker named Cortney Dotts proudly revealed that she had helped in kicking Kailyn out of the stadium. Dotts tweeted that Kailyn was wasted. Yet, Lowry revealed that she had not touched a single drop of alcohol.

Kailyn Lowry got plenty of support from her Twitter followers, who were quick to grab screen shots of the conversations and send them to the stadium. Lowry’s followers wanted to prove that the worker was being completely unprofessional in her treatment of the MTV star. And the way she tweeted it out, it sounds like Dotts was proud that she had kicked Kailyn out of the stadium. She has since deleted her Twitter account.

“Home is where I belong. Lol, this is exactly why I’m home most of the time,” Lowry tweeted once the entire thing had settled down, seemingly happy that she had the support of her followers.

And for those who were questioning whether Kailyn’s marriage to Javi is in trouble, it appears that he was standing behind his woman the entire time. Javi was tweeting up a storm and retweeting his wife’s tweets about what happened. It sounds like these two are still going strong. They just celebrated their son, Lincoln Marshall, who turned one.

What do you think of this story? Why do you think Kailyn Lowry was kicked out of the football stadium?

[Image via PopTower]