Pug Bath Time: Viral Video Reminds People How Much They Love Bath Time Too

Pug bath time looks a heck of a lot more enjoyable when little Barry does it!

It’s true, many dogs and other animals simply do not enjoy bath time. In fact, neither do many humans! Well, after taking a look at Barry the pug’s bath time fun, some may be willing to give bath time another shot!

David Stanton posted the video of Barry’s Bath Time to YouTube last month, and it has since become a viral sensation, according to Today Pets. Currently, “Barry the Pug in the tub” has managed to rack up an astounding 3,240,332 viewings as of this post!

Who knew people would enjoy watching a chubby little Pug take a bath that much! It’s the little things in life that bring us the most enjoyment, it seems! According to Mashable, a heatwave in Australia prompted Barry’s owner to upload the video of the pug taking a nice refreshing bath.

The video’s caption read as follows.

“I have deviated from carpentry and general building to bring this clip for you. As we are going through a heatwave in Australia I thought it might be nice to watch someone keeping cool. I shot this a few years back, but Barry still loves a bath.”

Well it looks like Barry has fans all over the world all thanks to his bath time shenanigans! Take a look at what twitter had to say about the pug in the tub!

Did you fall in love with Barry the pug after watching his bath time video?

[Image via Mashable‘s Twitter Feed]