I shit you not – a golfer pee club

So much for the old go behind a tree or use that beer can trick of relieving oneself while in the middle of a golf game. Now you to can whip out your trusty golfer pee club with it’s handy dandy drop towel for the front and let loose.

It’s only the 3rd hole, but you’ve drank too much and now you have to use the bathroom…very badly! In the old fashioned days, you’d have to put the game on pause and run to the little boy’s room. Not anymore my friends, because with the UroClub, you can take a whiz right on the course without interrupting the game! Think it’s gross? Well, it totally isn’t…because it is completely leak-proof, easy to clean, and magnificently sanitary. And the best part is, it holds over half a liter of liquid…which means it is large enough for both you AND a friend to safely eliminate your bladder during the course of a golf game – so convenient!

Source: PrankPlace

Just in case your curiosity is even further peaked here’s how you use this new modern marvel of … well.. never mind here’s the instruction


[hat tip to Random Goog Stuff]