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Darren Wilson Claims Mike Brown Said ‘You’re Too Much Of A P***y To Shoot Me’

Darren Wilson says that Michael Brown said, “You are too much of a p***y to shoot me” after the physical altercation in the Ferguson police SUV. Wilson also told the grand jury that after Mike Brown taunted him the teenager overpowered him and made him feel as if he was a “5-year-old wrestling Hulk Hogan.”

The Darren Wilson grand jury testimony is more than 1-inch thick and still being sifted through by the media and other interested parties. Photos of the Ferguson police officer after the struggle with Michael Brown inside the cruiser were also released on Monday evening after the Ferguson verdict was announced to the public.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, at least 12 businesses were burned during the Ferguson riots which took place quickly after the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney issued a statement about the Darren Wilson grand jury decision.

Mike Brown weighed 289-pounds and was 6-foot 5-inches tall. Darren Wilson stands 6-foot 4 –inches tall and weights 210-pounds. The Ferguson police officer also told the grand jury that Brown was “aggressive” after he stopped him and his friend, Dorian Johnson, for walking in the middle of the street.

Wilson was “completely calm” when he stopped Dorian Johnson and Michael Brown on August 9 in Ferguson, according to the officer’s statements to the grand jury. Darren Wilson told the panel that the neighborhood in the St. Louis suburb where the incident took place was known for drug, guns, and gang activity.

“Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk,” Darren Wilson said he asked Brown and Johnson. According to Wilson’s testimony to the grand jury, Michael Brown responded in an angry tone and said, “F**k what you have to say.” Darren Wilson then reportedly drove a bit ahead of the teenagers and stopped his Ferguson police SUV at an angle in front of them. The strong arm robbery suspect description has already been given at the police radio at this point. After the struggle in the cruiser with Mike Brown, the teenager reportedly started to run away from the officer. Wilson said he told the teenager, “Stop or I’m going to shoot.” Mike Brown allegedly retorted, “You are too much of a p***y to shoot me.”

When recalling details related to the moment he shot and killed Mike Brown, Darren Wilson told the grand jury, “I was yelling at him to stop and get on the ground. He kept running and then he stopped in this area somewhere. When he stopped he turned, looked at me, made a grunting noise and had the most intense aggressive face I’ve ever seen on a person.” The Ferguson police officer continued, “When he looked at me he then did like the hop. You know when people do to start running. And he started running at me. During his first stride he took his right hand and put it under his shirt and into his waistband.”

Wilson said he ordered Michael Brown to get on the ground but he did not comply. Officer Wilson then fired several shot, paused and told Brown again to get on the ground, but he refused to do so again and remained in the same aggressive state, according to the officer’s testimony to the grand jury. “Still charging hands, still in his waistband, still hadn’t slowed down. I fired another set of shots. Same thing, still running at me, hadn’t slowed down, hands still in his waistband. He gets about eight to ten feet away, he’s still coming at me in the same way. One of those, however many of them, hit him in the head, and he went down right there.”

What do you think about the Mike Brown verdict and the riots, looting, and fires going on in the city?

[Image via: St. Louis County/Daily Mail]