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Does Scheana Marie Think Her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Star Stassi Schroeder Is Jealous Of Her?

Scheana Marie and Stassi Schroeder have had an on-and-off relationship since fans met them on the first season of Vanderpump Rules. Now, as the series’ third season plays out on Bravo, Scheana and Stassi are once again at odds.

After Stassi failed to be there for her friend Scheana after she suffered a traumatic tooth injury during season two, she and Scheana ended their friendship and haven’t gotten back on track since. Although Stassi was supposed to be a bridesmaid at Scheana and Mike Shay’s July 2014 wedding, she was later removed from the guest list altogether, and now, Scheana believes their issues may stem from Stassi’s jealousy.

“You know, I would never want to say that someone’s jealous of me and sound conceited but I think that everything I’m getting in my life right now is what she’s looking for,” Scheana revealed during a November 17 interview with Gossip Girl. “So I think she’s maybe jealous of where my life’s going because she wants nothing more than to get married and have babies and have that happy life.”

While jealousy may certainly be a possibility, Scheana Marie isn’t sure what her and Stassi’s main issue was.

“I’m still kind of confused to be honest. I don’t really know. After I got engaged, she had started dating Patrick and was moving to New York. I had asked her to be a part of my wedding and then it was just every time I reached out to her—not even a text back. She wasn’t working at the restaurant any more, she quit, and so I never saw her. The distance kept growing and then the day that Kristen and I made up, she wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I started hearing stories of things that Stassi making fun of me about, like, my engagement and saying like, ‘Oh, we should all wear like really big diamond rings and go to Scheana’s engagement party and like outshine her’ and like do the best to ruin my engagement party. So, just hearing like all these little things I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re a shi**y friend.'”

According to the Inquisitr, Scheana Marie revealed prior to the third season of Vanderpump Rules that she wasn’t happy about Stassi’s return to Los Angeles. “Unfortunately, she is back,” she said. “I liked it better when she was in New York.”

Also during her interview with Gossip Girl, Scheana addressed her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, being slapped in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season five trailer, which the Inquisitr reported on earlier this morning.

“When I saw that I was just like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I’m pretty sure it was Brandi [Glanville] who slaps her so this will probably be one that I bow out of and I’ll let Jax and everyone else defend Lisa,” Scheana explained. “I’m done tying myself into anything that could be formulated in a sentence of ‘Scheana and Brandi’ in the same statement. I just, I don’t even want to go there, so if it was Brandi that slapped Lisa I don’t have anything to say other than ‘Wow!'”

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