To Get You In The Thanksgiving Spirit, Check Out This Turkey Mating Dance Fail [Video]

This male turkey is given the run around by a female turkey. The end result is hysterical.

In the video you see a male turkey proudly puffed up and displaying his feathers. He is attempting to impress a female turkey nearby. When the female approaches, the male turkey attempts to circle her for a traditional mating dance. The female turkey had different ideas.

The female can be seen running in circles around the male. However, as not to miss a beat, the male turkey keeps his wing extended and continues to spin, displaying his feathers to their fullest. Sadly, the female does not stop to admire his beauty. Instead, she sprints off leaving the poor male turkey dizzy with defeat. The male turkey can be seen stumbling around on his wobbly legs until he finally falls to the ground.

As icing on the cake for this poor male turkey, all the other turkeys must have witnessed the rejection because at the 1:09 mark, they laugh at him.

Talk about a harsh rejection. The poor male turkey gets back up promptly, but the female is thoroughly unimpressed and the laughter, both human and turkey, continues. As if the video isn’t good enough, take a little time to read some of the comments. It seems it isn’t just turkeys who get this kind of run around from the opposite sex. One commenter wrote, “This is a metaphor for every relationship I’ve ever had.”

Can you relate to this poor turkey’s mating dance fail?