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Gay Penguins to be Separated by Zoo

buddy and pedro

Where’s Leslie Knope when you need her? A pair of (possibly) gay penguins, Buddy and Pedro, at a Toronto zoo will soon be separated so that they can find proper mates.

Zookeepers say that Buddy and Pedro, two male African penguins, are inseparable. The two gay penguins are also starting to display signs of mating rituals. But according to the Star, the two love birds will soon be separated because Buddy and Pedro have “top notch genes” and will soon be partnered with females for breeding.

Joe Torzsok, chair of the Toronto zoo board, said:

“It’s a complicated issue, but they seem to be in a loving relationship of some sort.”

According to the Daily Mail, African penguins are endangered so the Toronto Zoo has to follow through with its species survival plan.

Here’s a video about Buddy and Pedro.

Buddy, 20, and Pedro, 10, are part of the popular African penguin exhibit which opened in May. They were both bred in captivity in Ohio. Zookeepers refer to their unique relationship as “pair bonding.”

A study conducted by the University of Berkeley found that birds can form long lasting gay relationships. According to the study, penguins in an all-male group will typically find a partner. If females are later introduced, five out of eight pairs will ignore the female and stick with their male partner.

Lead author Dr Julie Elie said:

“Relationships in animals can be more complicated than just a male and a female who meet and reproduce. My observations led me to this surprising result: same-sex individuals would also interact like male-female pairs.”

Do you think Buddy and Pedro are gay? Do you think the penguins will mate when they are partnered with female penguins?

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25 Responses to “Gay Penguins to be Separated by Zoo”

  1. Nikki Jauer

    I would expect better from zooligists! I hope they don't take female wives and decorate their own part of the inclosure better then evryone elses!!!

  2. Wendy Newton

    I agree Gianfranco, they are more worried about the penguin gene pool.. they need to find other penguins to breed… leave these two alone.. its sad when hate and discrimination spread to animals! I doubt they will even breed with females if separated. in fact I hope they don't just to teach them a lesson.

  3. Richard Perry Watts

    Its bad enough they are in captivity and seem to be doing well…almost every other species in the world has homosexuality…its love and genetic…so if they have great genes than there is our But they shouldn't seperate these two that are in love! We shouldn't decide what is best for them! Leave them to a happy life! If you seperate much suffering and pain should they have to feel? Awful..just awful!

  4. Jennifer Green

    Gay or straight, I think it's wrong to separate them. They aren't hurting anyone, and if they're happy, why not leave them be?

  5. Cat Calhoun

    No, don't separate them, you bastards! Use artificial insemination. Don't be assholes.

  6. Cyndi Bartlett

    I don't know Cat, I might have to disagree with ya on this one. You know what it takes to jack off a penguin?
    (j/k…me = the perpetual smartass)

  7. Eblizabeth Mary Powell

    I'd imagine endangered African penguin sperm isn't very easy to come by…

  8. Mikel Missy Hams

    Now what if they just couple up with another male? Penguins gonna be coming out the closet!

  9. Racheal Lindsay Hodges

    Um…Penguins mate for life and this is stupid that you're going to separate them. I'm not an expert on Penguins but I do know they lay eggs….Why can't you just put both of the males in the same place with the females and let's them fertilize the eggs? I'm sure they aren't opposed to being donors! I'm sure they aren't the ONLY 2 male African Penguins still living. Why don't you just let the other males out there do their job?

  10. James Johnson

    Rachael you are correct on the mating for life however a penguin will find a new mate if they are separated from their "life mate." The issue is that their are very few strong genetic traits left in the species which is almost extinct. I saw let mother nature take her course but for conservationists it's a matter of creating a more robust population that can hopefully one day be reintroduced into a natural habitat.

  11. James Johnson

    Matthew Langston Knowles Haha. Yeah I know, I was just giving you grief. My wife has her master's in Linguistics and her first words were "that's very British."

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