Iggy Azalea Beefs With Snoop Dogg, Catches Flack From Aaliyah Fans

Well, Iggy Azalea has her first major, verified beef with another rapper as G-Funk era master Snoop Dogg has taken to Twitter to throw shots at the Australian pop rapper. Meanwhile, why are Aaliyah fans upset with Lifetime and Iggy Azalea?

Ever since Iggy’s “Fancy” blew up to become the pop song of the summer, it’s been “mo’ money, mo’ problems” for the self-styled “Black Widow.” She’s tussled with paparazzi, swatted away claims that she’s a modern day Vanilla Ice, and battled against the possible release of a supposed sex tape with her ex-boyfriend.

Now Iggy has stumbled into a Twitter beef with everyone’s favorite gangsta rapper turned Game of Thrones commentator Snoop Dogg.

The Doggfather took to Twitter and Instagram overnight to post some scathing – and, frankly, un-reprintable – shots at Iggy Azalea. Snoop called Iggy out for the same reasons Nicky Minaj supposedly did earlier this year: not writing her own rhymes. Snoop, though, did it in much more colorful – and much less tasteful – language.

“Where is Iggy? Nowhere insight,” Snoop wrote, in pretty much the only section Inquisitr can reprint here. “F*** the fake n non writers yeah that means u again b***h!!”

The rest is a smorgasbord of smutty language and really, that’s no surprise considering it is Snoop Dogg we’re talking about here. Iggy tried to take the high road, kind of.

Iggy Azalea Twitter beef with Snoop Dogg.
Iggy Azalea Twitter beef with Snoop Dogg.
Iggy Azalea Twitter beef with Snoop Dogg.
Iggy Azalea Twitter beef with Snoop Dogg.
Iggy Azalea Twitter beef with Snoop Dogg.
Iggy Azalea Twitter beef with Snoop Dogg.

Those are three of about eight tweets Iggy posted in the wee hours of Wednesday, taking Snoop to task for — well — being Snoop. Iggy wasn’t alone, though; Azalea’s Laker boyfriend Nick Young stepped into the fray, presumably not tweeting with his broken thumb.

This all went on for a few hours with Snoop calling Iggy a rhymes-with-bunt, a rhymes-with-twitch, and a rhymes-with-blow, while Iggy called Snoop two-faced and swore in tweet after tweet that she didn’t care and was keeping it positive.

It had the potential to turn into one of the greater Twitter rapper battles the world has seen — that is, if either party involved was still relevant. In any case, the beef got squashed this afternoon after T.I. – Iggy’s mentor and the person hiphop heads hold responsible for her – stepped in to mediate.

Snoop took to Instagram once more to post an actual apology, noting that he had spoken with T.I., the “King of Atlanta.”

“I’m sorry,” Snoop said, “I won’t do it again.”

And Iggy accepted the apology, and that was that.

What’s not quite done and done is the furor over Iggy Azalea’s music popping up in the promos for Lifetime’s forthcoming Aaliyah biopic. Lifetime released the trailer a couple of weeks ago, and as Dazed Digital points out, Aaliyah fans were none too pleased that Iggy’s music features heavily in a spot meant to promote hiphop/R&B royalty.

Fans are still mad about that, and it doesn’t look like Lifetime is going to change the trailer up at all.

Why exactly is Lifetime using music from this year to promote the biopic of an artist that died nearly a decade and a half ago? Well, partly because the Lifetime pic is unauthorized. That means Lifetime couldn’t get the rights to any of Aaliyah’s music, and so they made do with whatever they could get, which appears to have been Iggy. Because that fits, totally.

With the beef with Snoop over and Aaliyahgate a non-issue, Iggy will likely just move on with her Laker boyfriend and millions of dollars and fans. It goes to show, though, that Azalea doesn’t tickle many people’s fancy and the Aussie rapper still has a long way to go before she gets real respect in the hiphop world.