Lady Gaga Stage Performance

Lady Gaga “Furious” Over Proposed Lifetime Biopic

Lifetime TV recently announced that a biopic about the life of Lady Gaga is in the works and it turns out they are missing one supporter for that project, Lady Gaga herself.

According to reports the “Poker Face” singer isn’t happy about the project, in fact she’s downright “furious” that the network is getting ready to produce Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story.

The new Lifetime movie is based off a 2009 biography about Stefani Germanotta’s (Lady Gaga) rise to fame.

According to a casting description for the new movie:

“Singing is preferred, but not required.”

The movie will focus on the singers rise to fame through the NYC dance club circuit all the way to the top of the Billboard charts.

Gossiper Bill Zwecker tells the Chicago Sun-Times:

“The singer hated the film Lifetime did about Amanda Knox and fears the cable network will make something equally controversial about her.”

Fans of Gaga should remember when watching the film that it’s an “unauthorized” biography and likely includes inaccuracies about the singer’s career and rise to fame.

So what do you think about the movie, will you be tuning into Lifetime when it reaches the small screen or will you be avoiding it like the plague.