scott t shover

Man Steals, Eats Raw Meat in Walmart, Faces Felony Charges

A Pennsylvania man was arrested today for shoplifting meat from a Wal-Mart. But 53-year-old Scott T. Shover wasn’t caught stuffing the meat into his jacket or pants, he was caught red-mouthed in the meat aisle at Walmart. Shover was arrested after opening and eating several packages of raw stew beef and raw ground beef.

According to a local paper in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Shover placed the open packages back on the shelves before exiting the store. Unfortunately for Shover, a loss prevention officer at Walmart spotted the 53-year-old man eating the meat and alerted a police officer who happened to be in the parking lot.

The Sentinel Reports that the officer arrested Shover at taser point in the parking lot, but that the taser was never used, and Shover got into the squad car without incident. Police say that approximately $25 of meat was ruined in the incident.

Shover was charged with retail theft at the Cumberland Country Prison. Shover has four retail theft convictions on his record so this latest incident will become a felony charge.

Should Shover be charged with a felony? Should he be taught how to cook?