Austin Powers Shoe Guy Rapist

Austin Powers Actor Sentenced To Life In Prison For Torture, Sexual Assault

Joseph Hyungmin Son, 40, best known for his bit role as the shoe throwing bad guy in the Austin Powers movie was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole on Friday after being found guilty of torture and sexual assault.

Son was involved in the 1990 Christmas Eve gang rape of a then 19-year-old woman who was out walking her dog.

The victim said during her testimony:

“This sad excuse of a human fed off the terror he inflicted to my body, mind and spirit that night.”

During the case Deputy District Attorney Eric Scarbrough called the man a “sexual sadist” who gained his pleasure by watching others suffer. Son apparently told the woman while raping her that she was going to die.

Before the verdict was handed down Darren Thompson, attorney for the defense, acknowledged that his client had sexually assaulted the woman, revealing that the men had hid their identity by using false names and placing a jacket over her head.

The victim told the court:

“For every injury he sadistically created on my skin, the more he reveled in the moment,” while adding, “Every time he struck with his gun, his fist or while kicking me, the more violent he grew He made me feel like I was being eaten alive when he bit me with no remorse in sight.”

While she also revealed that during his own satisfy moment he revealed to her “It’s Christmas. This is your lucky day.”

Because the statute of limitation had expired on many of the other possible charges Son only stood trial for conspiracy to commit murder.