Michael Johns of American Idol Fame

New Shocking Details About ‘American Idol’ Michael Johns’ Death

It appears that there might be a little more to the death of Michael Johns, the former American Idol finalist, who was found by a friend already deceased.

Initial reports released by TMZ stated that the singer had died from complications caused by a blood clot but new information indicates a possibility that prescription drugs and alcohol may have also played a factor into the young man’s demise.

The Daily Mail also recently posted a story that included a recording of the frantic 911 call made by Michael Johns’ friend, during which he made an attempt to resuscitate the unresponsive singer. A chilling recording of that call can be heard here:

According to the initial report posted by TMZ, Michael Johns was visiting a friend in Orange County, California on Friday when he was found unresponsive. The 35-year-old American Idol contestant had suffered from a sprained ankle that reportedly swelled to his knee. Johns sought medical help to address his leg the day before he died.

Now TMZ is reporting that toxicology reports are pending the autopsy that is currently being performed on Michael Johns’ body. Until the autopsy is complete and the toxicology report is available, Johns’ cause of death was cardiac arrest presumably caused by complications associated to a blood clot. However, other information points to the fact that Johns was drinking heavily on the day that he died which may have caused a fatal reaction when Johns allegedly took pain medication in conjunction to his heavy drinking.

Michael Johns was a judge and fan favorite on American Idol when he stole the hearts of America with his audition during which he performed “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” by Otis Redding. Michael’s death garnered an outpouring of touching tributes from fans and his former American Idol mentors alike. Nigel Lythogow went on record to say that “My boys and I were devastated to hear the news,” while Paula Abdul offered the following tribute to the fallen star:

“I’m so torn up over the news about Michael Johns. Michael was not just an amazing talent, he was an incredible human being who was so full of life that the notion of it stopping is incomprehensible to me. His echo will live on forever.”

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[Photo credit: Michael Johns Online]