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California Police Officer Helps Deliver Own Baby In Bathroom After Paramedics Fail To Arrive On Time

Baby delivered by police officer father

An on duty police officer in the city of Hemet, California faced a unique predicament last Sunday after he received a phone call from his pregnant wife. 31-year-old Bryan Anderson was working an overnight shift over the weekend when at around 3:30 am, he received a frantic call from his wife Holly who was nine months pregnant and was due the next week. Holly told Bryan that she felt she was going into labor.

Sensing the urgency, Bryan rushed back home to check on Holly and upon reaching home, called up 911. Holly had earlier in the day texted to him that she was feeling some pain. However, since the due date wasn’t any time soon, Bryan decided to wait till his shift ends to get back home. Things escalated quickly after that. Their baby, it seemed, was in a hurry.

While Holly went into labor, Bryan impatiently waited for help to arrive. Meanwhile, with the situation worsening, Bryan decided to take things into his own hands. Holly was taken to the bathroom where with the help of Bryan, she delivered a healthy baby boy at 3:53 am. Bryan, who had never been trained to handle childbirth, did a pretty decent job. After his wife gave birth to the baby, he noticed that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. He quickly managed to pull it over the baby’s head.

Bryan later told the Press Enterprise;

“I wasn’t worried; it just happened so fast and the cord was around the baby’s neck, so I pulled it around his head,”

Bryan finally managed to heave a sigh of relief when he heard his baby cry for the first time.

Bryan, who also has a one-year-old baby girl named Kimberly, told that he had only seen childbirth once as a passive witness. He never thought he would be handling a full fledged childbirth on his own. Bryan’s baby was named Michael Joseph Anderson, after his great grandfather. Baby Michael weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and measured 18 inches. Both the mother and the baby are doing well.

Bryan Anderson happens to be a second generation police officer. His father was also an officer who spent 27 years in Hemet as an officer. He had retired just last year after 27 years of service.

[Image Via Hemet Police Department]

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22 Responses to “California Police Officer Helps Deliver Own Baby In Bathroom After Paramedics Fail To Arrive On Time”

  1. Jennifersaidthat Outloud

    How about a little title rewording. "Police officer delivers own baby before paramedics could get there." You made it seem like the paramedics some how failed in their response. Babies don't wait for anyone.

  2. Peggi Rossi

    The paramedics didn't fail, the father failed when he waited to get home to call 911…when he is a part of the 911 system! He could've radio'd it in on his way to the house.

  3. Samantha Myers

    I will never understand why anybody needs paramedics to deliver a baby, if you are a responsible adult you should know the stages of labor and be able to recognize when it is time to go to the hospital (especially since this was a second child birth). I drove myself to the hospital when i was in labor with my second son. Blaming the paramedics for your own stupidity just makes it worse. If the baby had died because of the complications of the cord being around his neck it would have only been the fault of the "parents" for not knowing how to handle the situation properly. I swear there needs to be an IQ test before people are allowed to procreate.

  4. Crystal Sparks

    They made it sound like the police officer was the one who was pregnant.

  5. Tiffiny Mccoy

    I think the one year old baby is with another woman. The story says that "Bryan" has a one year old daughter specifically stating the child was his and not his wife's. That would mean that either he had a baby with another woman while married to his current wife or she became pregnant and married him while he had a baby under 6 months of age….not the best judgement on her part there either….

  6. Michelle Margaret

    This is the most poorly written article I have ever seen. Is this the way our country is heading? Does anybody edit anymore?

  7. Rachel Beth

    I think it is because paramedics can perform ALS (advanced life support) in case of an emergency. If a mom goes into cardiac arrest before, during or after labor, a paramedic can defib. They can also give (some) medication to both baby and mother should they need it.

  8. Michelle Blackwood

    I had to double check and make sure this wasn't Yahoo, it is so badly written! And notice no one is surprised that a woman that is 9 mos. pregnant gave birth at home with the help of her clueless cop husband, but we are all outraged that your writing is so awkward that it makes my brain hurt. Ouch, get a new job.

  9. Kal Varnson

    Well, here is the first, umm, paragraph of an article published in my hometown's paper: DOLAN SPRINGS – A rifle that deputies believe fired a bullet with no human around to pull the trigger left a woman in critical condition and her husband and another man in jail for allegedly stealing the weapon a few hours earlier.
    ->>>>>>>>>>>>>> so there is at least some competition for "the most" poorly written award :)

  10. Elaine N Echevarria

    Wow, what a jerk comment! So people that don't make it to the hospital in time are "irresponsible and stupid"? Get off your judgmental high horse. Yes it is her second labor and since you are such an expert of "stages of labor" you should know that those stages can go a LOT quicker with a second child.

  11. Elaine N Echevarria

    Tiffiny Mccoy Seriously? did you guys drink a tall glass of judge juice today??? The daughter is most likely the wife's daughter as well, but she wasn't mentioned because the article isn't about her, it's about the officer.

  12. Patricia Harvey

    This is an embarrassment to journalism. Maybe that's why there's no by-line. Are media outlets in such a hurry to "break" a story, or is it that they can't afford a copy editor? The title was completely misleading. No sense of verb tenses, either.

  13. Patricia Harvey

    I'm glad your amniotic fluid doesn't stink, Samantha. The services of paramedics may be necessary during childbirth for any number of reasons. Here's one: My regular doctor was unavailable for my final exam, which took place two weeks before my due date. That morning I felt like something might be happening, but checking me, she said I was only 3 cm. dilated and that I should go home, it could be a long time yet. But she wasn't my regular doc. My regular doc would have admitted me. But this one, using doctorly authority, did not. Instead of going home, however – an hour's drive from the hospital – I stayed in town and went grocery shopping with my preschooler and his "sibling coach," who was to stay with him when I went into labor. Only two hours, I called the hospital and told them I couldn't get there. I was in transition. I needed paramedics!! They said to get my derriere in there – or else! My husband arrived and drove me to the hospital, charging through red lights. I ended up delivering on the floor of an examining room at the hospital where I had paid beaucoup bucks for a designer birthing suite. The baby was in distress, had the cord around his neck, had passed meconium and was blue as blue can be. We were just lucky.

  14. Patricia Harvey

    Because in addition to being a police officer, he's also a husband and father. He was probably only doing what his wife told him to do – which was to come home. His presence at that time meant everything. Note that he then called 9-1-1. Good job.

  15. Rose Voltaire

    Congratulations – I bet you get a big bill from the hospital.

  16. Rose Voltaire

    The paramedics did fail to show before the baby did. No worries. I bet the hospital sends them a bill anyway.

  17. Denise K Parcells

    I actually thought that it was the officer who was pregnant and gave birth, so the title could use even more re-wording.

  18. Jodene Morales

    I read that too, in the Kingman Daily Liar, uh Mineral

  19. Melissa Miller

    "His father was also an officer who spent 27 years in Hemet as an officer. He had retired just last year after 27 years of service." Redundant much?

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