That’s Love, Man: You’ve Got To See This Groom’s Reaction To Seeing His Bride

The world can be a cynical place and with good reason. The divorce rate in the United States sits at a staggering 2.4 million Americans calling it quits in 2012, according to a recent Bloomberg report. But this wedding could give you hope that true love really does exist.

Photographer Lauren Bee posted photos of what she said was her cousin Jai Kamat’s wedding at Disney World in Florida. And while the photos of the wedding itself showed just how much emotion the groom had, Bee said she welled up with emotion the night before.

“I’ve always loved this boy; I’ve felt every bit the part of older sister to him over the years, but I didn’t really acknowledge how much I’d truly missed Jai until entering the Grand Floridian and rounding the corner, seeing him sitting there as the final ends of the wedding rehearsal were being tied up. I admit, I teared up a bit, watching him there beside his bride, all grown up and every bit the polished young man I always knew he’d be someday.”

Then it was time for the groom’s expression that is sure to be seen around the world, which she explains.

“And then the groom got the first look of his bride! (Yes, he’s very expressive — it’s kind of a family trait…)”


The wedding looked to be a beautiful affair and as the groom’s cousin, Lauren, wrote on her website, she could not be prouder of her cousin.

“I had a wonderful time. Jai’s and Julie’s wedding was one of the best days of my life. I got to spend the day with wonderful people, beloved family, and new friends, eating amazing food and laughing until my cheeks hurt. And I’m just so stinkin’ proud of this young man and his new wife. Congrats Jai and Julie!”

While the internet may be chocked full of handsome grooms blown away by the first sight of their brides like the couple above, the internet is also full of wedding fails. Take, for example, another wedding in Florida. The Inquisitr reported that the Key Largo ceremony was, believe it or not, struck by lightening. The whole thing was caught on camera happening just feed from where the bride and groom were giving their lives to one another. Lucky for both of them, they still have lives to live and hopefully will experience a life full of love and happiness.

[Images via Lauren Bee Photography]