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Captain Morgan’s Pirate Ship Wreckage Discovered Near Panama

captain-morgans-pirate ship satisfaction panama

Avast ye’ land lubbers, the long lost wreckage of 17th century pirate Captain Henry Morgan’s ship has been found off the coast of Panama.

Funded by Captain Morgan USA, distributor of the well known spiced rum named after the notorious pirate, archaeologists from Texas State University diving near the Lajas Reef discovered a large section of hull from what they believe to be Morgan’s flagship, “Satisfaction.”

“When the opportunity arose for us to help make this discovery mission possible, it was a natural fit for us to get involved. The artifacts uncovered during this mission will help bring Henry Morgan and his adventures to life in a way never thought possible” Captain Morgan USA brand director, Tom Herbst said in a statement.

In addition to the hull, the team uncovered several unopened cargo boxes and coral-encrusted chests which appear to match the age and design of five ships that Morgan – sailing as a privateer on behalf of England – lost off the reef in 1671 during his effort to capture Panama City and loosen the stronghold of Spain on the Caribbean.

“To us, the ship is the treasure — the story is the treasure,” Fritz Hanselman, the archaeologist who led the dive team responsible for the discovery explained. “And you don’t have a much better story than Captain Henry Morgan’s sack of Panama City and the loss of his five ships.”

All artifacts excavated by the dive team – including six cannons from a previous dive in 2010 – will remain the property of the Panamanian government and will be preserved and displayed by the Patronato Panama Viejo.

Hear from some of the archaeologists involved in the discovery of Captain Morgan’s ship in the video below:

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13 Responses to “Captain Morgan’s Pirate Ship Wreckage Discovered Near Panama”

  1. Anonymous

    WTF, the headline states that they found Captain Morgan's pirate ship, yet when you read the article, the actual people who found the wreckage said they BELIEVE they found WHAT MIGHT BE.

    "discovered a large section of hull from what they believe to be Morgan’s flagship".

    God this is what's wrong with today's media: Americans like to take the short and easy way thru things, therefore they'll read the headline only and declare it fact…they'll never read the rest of the story so they'll forever miss what's important.

  2. Gina Garrett

    Yes, very interesting.My maiden name is Morgan and some of my relatives are doing our families genealogy and found we were related to the Captain.Would like to see more discoveries of his ships.Thank you, Regina Morgan Garrett.

  3. Bruce Bessler

    What happened to facts and science? Bam buried caveman was gay because of his position? Bam Capt. Morgans ship found because compant wanted publicity, bam liberal found to have brain cause it was up his butt.

  4. ItzDa GoOdz InMe

    This is the Captn' speaking(Mo's Captn' Steve)… let him rest in peace.. just enjoy the embargo of what it(I)(aye aye matie) wanted the world to this day to enjoy(SPIRITS). Captn' Morgan was a PIRATE/ENTREPRENEUR/MOFO.. so let it go unless there is like 10 MILLION GALLONS of un-claimed victory… sorry ass's.. shyt I got $10,000 invested already in enjoyment these past 20yrs… thE(REAL CAPTN') STEVEO.

  5. Daniel Hardwick

    I guess you blame George Bush because you know nothing about factual Panamanian history?!?
    You should have studied a little harder….the FACT is:

    Swashbuckling adventurer Morgan sent three ships and a crew of 470 men to capture the Castillo de San Lorenzo el Real de Chagres, a fort that guarded the approach to Panama City, the capital, in 1671.

    But the notorious buccaneer and his men were sailing up the Chagres River to join them when his flagship, The Satisfaction, and at least three other vessels crashed on Lajas Reef, sinking in shallow water.

    This is EXACTLY where the ship was found. Captain Morgan was the ONLY privateer that anchored in Panama during that period!

  6. Eric Leatherwood

    I wonder if they drank captain morgan after finding it.

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