World Cup 2014: Brazil vs. Chile ends dramatically

World Cup 2014: Brazil Vs. Chile Ends In Dramatic Penalty Shootout

As expected Brazil vs. Chile was a dramatic match with a sea of yellow supporting their Verde Amarela, (Green and Yellow) in the stands. Everything was on the line for the host, Brazil, in this match.

In this stage there must be a winner and the loser goes home. During the Brazil vs. Chile match, both teams fought hard and the match ended in penalty kicks and a heartbreak for Chile, one of the most exciting teams of the World Cup.

Brazil contained Chile for most of the first half and in the 18th minute — in what looked like an own goal — Daniel Luiz put Brazil up 1-0. Chile would wait until the 32nd minute to score the equalizer, after a massive defensive mistake by Brazil.

By the end of the match the players were clearly exhausted, after not only battling each other, but the hot, humid conditions in Belo Horizonte. Brazil is under tremendous pressure to erase the memories of the biggest national tragedy of all time, the Maracanazo.

That pressure was apparent when the final penalty kick hit the post for Chile and Brazil could finally breathe. Neymar — who was the last kicker for Brazil in the penalties — was on his knees, sobbing with relief and grateful for not losing at home. This intensity will continue for the home team until the very end and there is no room for failure.

It has been 64 long years since that day in 1950, when Uruguay shocked the nation and won the World Cup hosted by Brazil. The victory against Chile ensures the hosts continue their quest to claim the title once again, this time on their own turf.

But Chile fought hard and showed that Brazil has some flaws that they need to address, especially in the midfield. The five-time World Cup winners haven’t displayed the cohesive style that past squads have shown and made famous. In the next round, Brazil will face the winner of Netherlands vs. Mexico.

Both, Brazil and Chile looked tired in the second half and all the way to the penalties. This Brazil squad, led by Neymar — who is only 22 — has a lot of work to do to impress fans and critics alike, but for now it’s enough. Chile was solid and played one of their best World Cups in recent memory.

This is how the first penalty kick definition at the World Cup 2014 went down:

  • David Luis scored (Brazil 1-0)
  • Mauricio Pinilla missed (1-0)
  • Willian missed (1-0)
  • Alexis Sanchez missed, Julio Cesar stopped it (1-0)
  • Marcelo scored (2-0)
  • Charles Aranguiz scored (2-1)
  • Hulk missed, stopped by Claudio Bravo (2-1)
  • Marcelo Diaz scored for Chile (2-2)
  • Neymar scored (3-2)
  • Gonzalo Jara missed, hits post (3-2)

Brazil vs. Chile final result is 1-1 (3-2 in penalty kicks for the host). Chile is once again disappointed, but returns home with its head held very high indeed. Brazil stays alive in their 2014 World Cup and dreams of taking the title in front of their adoring fans.

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